Enough of stuff, free city: The Ecology of Things

30 Oct

Ecology of things – Enough of Stuff!

There are a lot of good drawings and ideas, mostly really cheap and found items, which comprise a, set of technology as it were that has the power to free homes. Supposedly there are more coming, too. The technology’s only half of it, there is a better interface that bring into a whole alternative, as well. Still working on the electricity, but these alternative systems that are the basics comprising a flourishing alternative lifestyle are heat, cooking with small sticks, electric and inverter (or 110V A.C. potentially from atmospheric?), gather eg, alternative work, cell phone free cell phone, meal eg. food, things like school supplies, electronics, audio, straw, toiletries eg whatever (see community supply mechanism). A community can provide these things as well as it’s mostly all in existence already; this is a transitionary post towards a place where I feel like we all know is going.

A house can be freed, as a cash-out or build-out of its responsibilities. Those with a newspaper or a publishing house, those with an NGO, a trade union, retirees, a university department with dozens of these heirs, can flood the bookstores, the airwaves, even cyberspace with their ideas. When activists from the trade unions, the antiwar movement, the organizations of the landless, the fighters against the threats posed by climate change and the rapid reduction of biodiversity sense the need for action, then continuing modern playground games will not do. When factories are closing all over, when minimum wage constitutes slavery conditions in the USA, when sweatshops are wearing out their young workforces in a few years for less than a dollar a day as we go more in debt, and we don’t WANT all that again? A cess pool of a legal system has made it nearly impossible to talk about the issue, tons of stupid money is spent on non-issue what could have been carried to a tribal council, natural law grand jury, or queen(?) to have a decision that isn’t even money based. When hospitals, schools, public transport, electricity and water supply are free, with work aspirational and voluntary?

Welcome to the participation of mass organizations of the working class, which have the potential to mobilize millions into decisive action against the system. At this point in time, an enormous, uncoordinated (or “decentralized bureaucracy,” if you believe in Anonymous) world-wide effort is underway to implement an unprecedented reset of the economic system. Economics is like the ecology of interaction, different from capitalism which is based on pursuit of profit, private property, and inequality of wealth. Actually incentivizing greed. Rather, what if everything you did as a voluntary service to the person you had in mind? All industry and manufacturing are supported in all possible ways to deliver the abundance of all things to all people. The institution of rent is abolished. Community would still form, and an inclusion amongst the groups which you already participate. Interface upgrade delivers things to where they need to be, be a driver and see the country, give food, or re-distribute it. Most “things” offer a diminishing enjoyment, so we could expect a matching about +.5 in the revaluation. Any existing bureaucracy who should happen to see this post should visit an upcoming post, guide to current government leaders. Which will be realistic as well. I am happy to do this as with all my work as it’s my capability and able-bodiedness.

Evolution Code:
A Robot – should be mining, clean :)

Design the farm,
Design the diner. Reduce seasonality perhaps with a greenhouse, as some won’t go for.

Free ecology? Incentivize with food.
Not against anyone, re-assuring and nice.
I feel like Paul, the letter writer to the different online nations. You know he walked for ages amongst people even as he was telling them they were doing it wrong.

Don’t be thinking against, or thinking wrong, help build and as we figure it out- with an emergence model of social change. Success models highly seeked, as we change our country with the eagle soaring well, and others as well. Let’s take the signs that are being given us, avoid an international catastrophe, and stop from destroying other planets, as well. Take a clue, learn from nature. You’ll know what you have to do and, yes, if you have money currently where to put it. As they go, this is a pretty good guide: http://www.ubuntuusa.com/about-us.html. Freedom vocabulary, and existing infrastructure can start it. Hope you guys enjoyed the post of ecology of things, we could use most people of ability preparing the ground.

Unity is the feasible thing that we can do right now. I hope that everyone will support (and share?) as our movement goes into this next technical phase, hope I’ve included everyone, that we basically get a great evolution that gets better as it goes onward! Be for the free movement, let’s change our ways. Paradigm shift.

Sincerely, Ed “Ché.” (Cuba, the one they won, right?)

Free Future, With the Comforts ~ Blog Post.

14 Oct

A free future needn’t be one of hardships, or of lower quality. Interface matching people up for things happens at (0,0) supply and demand, and so we basically expect that. A gift community store tries to stock well all products of all varieties, with most stuff made free and custom to order, as well. Craft is put into these objects, as they will be used for a long time. “Things” that currently exist are cycled into the free machine, and each of these artisan producers or factories is gifted with the tools/things to succeed at what they choose to do.

Take initiative! If pile of sticks has to be moved from A to B and someone leaves it at “not yet there,”& you’re walking don’t leave it for someone else to do! Begin by wiping your own behind, but thereafter society/community will offer you opportunities in a way never before experienced.

Freedom becomes us. It’s porch time with the family, friends, hike in the woods smoking whatever, just as much as it’s fast cars run on electricity to find your niche or scratch your itch at the time. Let’s take some time, America, to get adjusted. There is no money necessary in this society.

To get food where it should be, there are like a thousand means. Pantry/USDA system is great, so is the mobile refrigerated trucks. Perhaps former Cargill/DuPont and the others would move the hemp for free. Goods grown frequently enough an interval and, anyone would (you) just have to grow them.

With robots on the mining and production ;)

A few pointers: first on constructing metro downtown interfaces. To have free food is a motivator for. There can be meals, pantries, and other things to go by which attract people to where they need to be, and incentivize, if they are trying to support a family still.

To metro utility companies – your services are appreciated. Any current monies should reduce that maintenence cost of running it, and innovate that way to get free. A special truck, etc, or tool is appreciated by a phone call.

Finally, farmers wanted. What do you like so much that you want to make sure everyone has it? It’s so lovely and such a different construction, that I would absolutely love to live on a farm like this. If you need anything else, just call. Food’s available.. restaurants and other things, too.

What’s to do? Lots of things! Join by interface: in volunteer at a place if you want to.
Take up the setup of systems which are self reliant, for another.
Take up urban farming – this will seriously teach you more than almost anything else.
Live free and advocate for it! If you’re “in,” then politicians eventually don’t stand a chance. Let’s evolve the human race!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/eddiemill
Wordpress: http://eddiemill.wordpress.com/
Github: http://github.com/em-che

Wrote a Post at Moneyless Society:

24 Sep Free Detroit a force of nature

I guest-submitted this article. Now you know where to reference if someone pulls a communism or socialism on you! Love, Ed Che.


100 free means of exchange : INTERFACE

9 Sep

Community Mechanism
Something to do
Free Box
Free Store
Live Free
Community Services
Free City
Free Detroit
Alternative System Detroit
Cig: “square”
“twist one up for ya”
Ubuntu Detroit
Pantry/Food Bank
Bridge points (aka Food stamps, or EBT – has digits, government..)
Common Fridge
Food Not Bombs
FOS Software
Barn raise
Crop mob
Engage an army
Good timing
No hate
No bank
Community Kitchen
Free Meal
Churches provide
Intentional Community
New Food Solutions
No money
Anarchy ?
Choice Pantry
Late night restaurant closing
Home production
Steal ?
“Don’t ask too many questions”
Free community store
This fridge (http://www.neatorama.com/2014/05/09/Anonymous-Man-Installs-Charity-Refrigerator-Outside-His-Home/)
New work flow model
Enough of stuff, eg, stop
“Hungry, go here, eat” Community meal
Ubuntu grow 4x your needs
Seed library
Gift exchange
This: http://pastebin.com/ywLNWdNZ
Food pantry
“Bring it back” ant soldier

Because these are all just the modern day ones! Note: I find after making/reading this that my interactions with my neighbors who have also seen the ubuntuusa about-us page are not in a box, they just flow better. :)

Ed Che

PS: For alternative jobs when we are all replaced by robots and free, see https://github.com/EM-Che/Appropriate-building-technology/blob/master/Alternative%20Vocation

Presenting, for the Everything will be free Alternative Supply and Demand

25 Aug

Hi folks – so these are some drawings from the notebook that I think will clear things up. There are actually a lot of alternative ways of doing things, it seems, an interface that really has to become more comfortable, and still some/many answers to figure out. All the animals have a different way of doing things that seems to work out. If we collectively manifest, then there will just be enough of everything. No need for money involved. So, these are some of the starts. Love, Ed Che.

Alt aggregate supply


codes http://postimg.org/image/53dd2s3ft/931650b1/

Alt demand - micro eg household
alt demand – micro http://postimg.org/image/6geu94ecb/
codes http://postimg.org/image/6geu94ecb/8c3446df/

Alt aggregate demand, macro :)


codes http://postimg.org/image/rwhlktx8t/c5b4ed31/

Things are clearing up out here! I hope that these movements start growing wherever you are. As Cindy Kay says, we are now gaining a critical mass!

As for me, it’s back to building the alt greenhouse. Enjoy and please feel free to spice up the model as it gets used, as permitted under the NC BY SA creative commons license: here. ~ ~ EC

On the Home – Wendell Berry

17 Aug image

“Once, some farmers, particularly in Europe, lived in their barns– and so were both at work and at home. Work and rest, work and pleasure, were continuous with each other, often not distinct from each other at all. Once, shopkeepers lived in, above, or behind their shops. Once, many people lived by “cottage industries,” — home production. Once, households were producers and processors of food, centers of their own maintenance, adornment, and repair, places of instruction and amusement. People were born in their houses, and lived and worked and died in them. Such houses were not generalizations. Similar to each other in materials and design as they might have been, they nevertheless looked and felt and smelled different from each other because they were articulations of particular responses to their places and circumstances.

When people do not live where they work, they do not feel the effects of what they do. The people who make wars do not fight them. The people responsible for the various depredations of “agribusiness “do not live on farms. They — like many others of less wealth and power– live in ghettos of their own kind in homes full of “conveniences” which signify that all is well. In an automated kitchen, in a gleaming, odorless bathroom,in year-round air-conditioning, in color TV, in an easy chair, the world is redeemed. If what God made can be made by humans into this, then what can be wrong?

I have already spoken of the highly simplified role of the modern household with respect to the production and preparation of food: it has set itself increasingly aside from production and preparation and become more and more a place for the consumption of food produced and prepared elsewhere. But this setting aside of the nest or residence from the sources of life is more general and even more serious than that would indicate. The modern home, even more than the government and universities, has institutionalized the divisions and fragmentations of modern life.

And the modern household’s direct destructiveness of the world bears a profound relation — as cause or effect or both — to the fundamental moral disconnections for which it also stands. It divorces us from the sources of our bodily life; as a people, we no longer know the earth we come from, have no respect for it, keep no responsibilities to it. And few who are acquainted with the young can doubt that the modern home has also failed as a place of instruction and that the schools are failing under the burden of that deeper failure.

Berry, Wendell. The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture. p. 51-53.

Written in 1977, these words still ring today. Reading over this post, it reads a lot like something that I would write. Wendell Berry is in modern days, somewhat upset; because things have not been changing quickly enough. What I have put together as the basics, in designs of the future find ways to do things from a house and even place-based apartments, cities, and from the land. Op alternative logic is that if you are spending money on something, have it be on how to get free in that area. :) Things like electric, heat, hot water, and micro-food growing all have huge advancements potential. You can be a part of this movement, and make a big contribution to changing how we live.


People in Houses – New Development Paradigm Freedom and Fast

10 Jul

The map, which is so far my nicest art piece that is very instructional on the new paradigm, can be found in a share link at: http://postimg.org/image/aug9ka0mt/full/ . This City depicted could serve hundreds or thousands, and could be in a suburban area, or could not even exist. These are simply the things that you have to have access to – the community center is such a good thing! Free coffee and wireless is a spine of such a community. Amongst also offering a pleasant lifestyle, this community would be hospitable to anyone passing through (though not too much!) and would produce a ton of culture!

freedom map nice final2




We can begin where you are. This being a facebook page currently, and looking for a new social network, linked here and on other pages I and others have made.


In larger scales, a cooperative development paradigm can build large projects. More folks doing this where they are will convince political leaders to adapt the human race to change. If not for freedom in their language and rhetoric, then it’s just more politicians who are going to fight about the same things.


The rocket science of sustainability:


Free radio – join us tune in with different channels and a cool place to hang out! Also check out the station at http://anonplusradio.com/


Untitled 9


Hope you enjoyed the pictures so far! Ultimately, it’s in the mind a switch like, if capitalism wasn’t intuitive, then what would be? Also, if in the past people divided everything up like numbers, then it’s simply live life analog. :) Enjoy the revolution, right for a lot of people!

Ed Che – Discovered How to Live Free on Youtube:

Sincerely, Ed Che
oChe Southern California


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