Transition times

6 Nov

With the election of a new leader, we have the ability to think about our problems in an entirely new way.

As things stand, we’re on the cusp of Peak Everything. Nearly all of our essential natural resources are reaching their limits: oil, fresh water, soil, sea ice, consumer confidence. I reference you to the current unfolding disaster: economic meltdown, global warming, climate chaos, escalating energy and resource costs, looming shortages, endless war, biodiversity erosion, and deteriorating public health- which have been nicely externalized by a corporate elite and federal government for more than just 8 years. America has been a burden to the world on any of the above issues, a staunch opposition to progress and even scientific reality.

I’m now seeing tipping points. A critical mass of people talking about these truths, who are creating solutions, not mere band-aids and complaining, for our crisis. A strategic window of opportunity has opened to take back control over our institutions: to create millions of urban and rural green jobs; to transform our international agenda; and to make a smooth transition from fossil fuels, climate chaos, and resource wars to a renewable, peaceful, solar-based agriculture and economy. The mechanized, carbon-intense, wasteful, outdated economics of the first globalization is over. Time to prove that a new one can also be productive.

As organizers, it is absolutely our responsibility to encourage this transition. A new leader can bring peace and stability to this country. But without ideas and citizen pressure, the status quo will maintain apathetic in Washington. We can work with the government to suggest a new era for America. When America is on top of the important issues, the world benefits. These last few days have given me the audacity to hope that change might just come. What does that mean?

It’s been long overdue.

A couple bright ideas that will power our future:
America Needs a New Growth Strategy. It’s Getting Hot In Here, 11/11.

Organic Transitions: Beyond the Gloom & Doom of Economic Depression, Climate Change, & Peak Oil. Organic Transitions Campaign.:

Organic Consumer’s Association: Organic Transitions campaign.


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