A Day in the Life

9 Dec

Saturday, 10/6/2008!

A day worth getting out of bed for:

First, the Greenpeace Project Hot Seat rally and march: Greenpeace rocks
Had a good turnout. Over one hundred people met at Quincy Market in downtown Boston for a large rally, speakers and music, followed by a march chanting down Devonshire St, through Downtown Crossing, and up to the State House. They had a large postcard message to deliver, all around the UN climate negotiations that day. (The picture is a link if you’re interested in the outcomes!)

UN Climate Negotiations towards Copenhagen 2010

UN Climate Negotiations towards Copenhagen 2010

The Spirit of Renaissance and the Current Global Crisis! Conference at Bentley.
The Boston Pledge put it on.
In turbulent times, new ideas produce revolutionary change. This conference was all about what the next round of people’s movement will be guided by, as compared to the Renaissance thinking in medieval times. Amaryta Sen was there, the world’s favorite development economist from Harvard. Snuck in for the workshops!

Imokalee Farmworker’s movement: rally and discussion.
Then took the T back in to the city to catch this gem. Imokalee is the international organization that works in US and Latin America for tomato picker wage and human rights. Conditions are pretty bad (check their flickr slideshow) and sometimes literally form slave rings where pickers cannot leave the premises. So they’re fighting. Targeting large buyers of tomatoes on three premises:
1) 1 penny/pound extra to directly benefit pickers of tomatoes. This is insignificant for restaurants but represents a 60% wage increase for these workers.
2) Code of conduct zero tolerance policy: no slave rings tolerated.
3) Agreement monitored and enforced by representatives in the coalition.

The campaign has recently been very successful. Through boycott they convinced Taco Bell to sign on, then McDonalds, Burger King, and just last week Subway who is the largest fast food buyer. Now they’re targeting Valu-foods (Shaw’s, Stop-and-shop)… interested in being involved for fair food? http://www.ciw-online.org/tools.html

Immortal Technique.
Was playing at the Middle East. As one of my all-time favorite hip-hop artists, I jumped at the opportunity to see him live. There were three of us, went pretty early to get a good spot. This is a good story:

The first acts were pretty awkward, local rap artists who really just had the materials for mixing and some kinda thug connections. Meh. I really just wanted a drink… so decided to take things into my own hands. I was in the bathroom when I realized that the X mark was coming off under water and soap, and with a little work… got it off. It wasn’t until I was walking out that I noticed the staffer watching for just that. I was escorted roughly out of the building, with O’s on my hand and told not to come back. Fuck.

Sarah and Jane come out, and there’s a touch of bitterness in their shouts. You what?
Plan: wash off the O’s, change clothes (I was layered), and walk back in for Immortal Technique.
This involved walking around Central Square for a while, finding the materials and buying a new magic marker. After some work, we managed a pretty good replica, but there was no way the stamp was coming back on. I left the circle on instead. Let’s do this…

The three of us walk back in as planned, and stop. I’m called back to the front…
Terrified, I think I’m about to get beat. It’s the same guy that kicked me out earlier and told me not to come back. He makes me show my hands, and then– get this– RESTAMPS my hand over the O. I just got back in. SOOOO WIN!

Immortal technique was awesome. Never fails to inspire the revolutionary in me. I actually got his signature on a book I’m reading: Nicaragua: What difference could a revolution make?. The night ended well (even though the last bus totally blew us off), up till almost 5:00 at my place talking.

Story of the night..
Solid Saturday! Total time at home between events the whole day: 8 minutes. Onward to finals!

-Eddie Miller
A Global Organic Mindset: https://eddiemill.wordpress.com/

Listening to hip-hop: buy. K’naan a new face to hip-hop.


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