One to the team!

29 Dec

Just this Wednesday, I got a positive word from a long-time friend Jake Mercer. He studies Economics and non-profit management at Baldwin Wallace college, and is in to make this happen. This brings the team to two currently, and adds valuable fund-raising and farm experience to the venture. Let’s do this, Jake! Thanks for reading!

Things are happening very quickly now. The planning has passed the agriculture test, passed an economic analysis, with me in all the right places to make it happen. Next is deciding the structure: venturing into supply chain and cooperative design. This will be very well suited for my planned 7-month stay in Costa Rica, where I want to start. (For more information on this, visit:

This is an open invitation: do you want to join the team and work on this? There would be job options domestically or abroad, in any number of areas still to be defined. Please let me know on this, or any advice now before I go.

As an interim project, I’m taking a class with Oberlin College students in January on permaculture, an interesting variant on Organics. More on this soon!

-Eddie Miller
BU ’10


One Response to “One to the team!”

  1. eddiemill January 3, 2009 at 4:28 am #

    Updated: Another friend just signed on to this happening! It’s a good time to be alive.

    Elise Moussa, founder of nonprofit Borderless Educations,, and (coming soon!), should be a great addition to the team. Whether it’s for full time, partial work or ongoing advising, thanks Elise so much and welcome!

    PS enjoy the blog hon 🙂

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