Summer plans May 6-8: Tortuga Island, …

3 May

I’m finishing up the semester now at the School for Field Studies, Costa Rica, and looking ahead at a great summer.
See my final paper for the course, here:

Summer plans

May 6-8: Tortuga Island, Atlantic Ocean. Just me, Hesse, and good music to last the weekend.
May 8-13th: Travelling Costa Rica by motorcycle with don Julio Valverde (see previous post), looking at farms and organic organizations.
May 14th-23rd: Oberlin, OH; Bellaire, MI; Middleburg heights. Restock food and equipment for a return to Costa Rica coming up, and take motorcycle classes legitimately.
May 24th-July 31st. 2 and a half months studying coffee in Southern Costa Rica, at an Aguabuenas community Coop. See the program:
Aug 1- Aug 6: Travelling via moto in Costa Rica/Nicaragua/Central America! Isla del Coco near the Galapagos Islands? Lago Arenal? Let me know if you will be in the area and want to do something, by chance.
August 14-September 1. Get ready for another last year at BU. Probably work a job, still looking for an off-campus roommate. (as of 6/1)

Summer projects:
Programming: Python, JavaScript, Html
Bicycle mechanics, soon to be motorcycle.
Garden of medicinal plants
Cooperative cost-benefit analysis (see next post?)

Next steps
Finish up BU, start an organization. !!

Fall Jobs I’ve applied to:
Clear Conscience Cafe, Cambridge
Equal Exchange Cafe, Boston
Small Planet Institute/Intern
Rootcause Foundation/Intern
soon: green investment mgmt?


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