Happiness theory

15 Aug

A philosophy of happiness. My dad´s response to my left me thinking hard about said happy and what that means. If we search for happiness like we do money, that is very significant. It seems it isn´t guaranteed by financial or material well-being, but your life situation has a big part to deal with it. If you say it´s entirely an inner state the discussion enters the field of self-help and spirituality. I´ve found a lot of truth in improving both areas, but it´s a lot to keep track of! Do you approach life with defined goals and morals, or just slow down and let life’s balance catch you? Over the summer I have been developing this philosophy. Thank you for reading and your comments. Please share url: https://eddiemill.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/happiness-theory/

1. Happiness alone

On the motorcycle and in the hammock thus I established a worldview, morals and principals: character development in the process of my early 20s. The resulting deep moral character and appreciation is my pleasure to share in words as I can. I hope this guides and inspires you on the search for living better every day.

A.  Happiness is breaking off of the group for nature and views and reading books. Moments and days spent absorbed in your life because its a work and a plan. that feeling that must reproduce itself every day, every day is a new one. makes me happy. Professionally-wise, it´s amazing. I developed a business plan, a timeline for cooperative certification, secured an internship and read relevant books and articles. Working on what you love to do. Work, and stay real every day- Developing a new light along the path. Within this mindset, Happy is the side effect of this trained internal state of mind. Being awake makes me happy.

I would like to report that this method alone is sustainable. I developed checks and principles for guiding my thoughts (and manner of being) into a surprisingly fulfilling good life alone. I hoped to always stay on the right path, guided by the signs that God sends to a person who´s really listening –read Paulo Coelho— and faith that things will work out, by luck or will. What is lacking I realized is a system of checks on the human spirit! without community the potential of the human being is almost unlimited! so.. It´s easy to be everywhere and do everything but be attached to nothing. A realization like this (that you live without connection to living people so much as concepts) demands thought and analysis, which I did. My conclusion was this: There is no limit to human capacity alone, but there is a limit on what you can do and still be happy. If you don´t have balance hardwired into you yet, you´ll have a hard time keeping yourself within that community and the people around you. I lost a lot of time, but gladly. My other conclusion from this experiment is that I was missing a key component: it is having a community and slowing down that allows people their full potential of contentment in life. yes, Being alone and happy is important: it grants openness confidence and self-honesty, the beginning of wisdom. (The Joy of Living)

2. Happiness in community

At one point it hit me, then: while all this is going on in my head, if I am not connecting now with the people around me who am I going to connect with? Reaching out to people has given me a new perspective on what it means to live a full and vibrant life: community and pace are two really important aspects of happiness!

What is the meaning of happiness? Not only personal equilibrium and spiritual contentment but also equilibrium within your surroundings. Now I see it as a sort of field theory, regions of influence for one to move within. To have friends within the community, you have to stop hovering on the outside of those circles and live comfortably within the lives of others. It´s not about sinking time into others as I had once thought, nor necessarily spending long time brooding over relationships, but it´s the thought and presence that counts. Communication is easier than ever before, just keep track of your time and have happiness in living and knowing the people around you.

What really matters?

Life, love and equilibrium within your surroundings. The ability to direct your mind away from unhappiness in subtle ways to make environmental changes where you live; to acheive a lasting state of happiness and enlightenment for those around you; Change, adventure, and a fresh sense of Spirit. . There is no science behind it! just words that describe life get-up-and-go-time, be yourself because that´s all that matters! It starts when you take your mind off of your objective daily mindset, turn off your computer and can stand being with yourself for a minute! Since this enlightenment I have a better equilibrium that´s generally happier. And you can too– why find it hard to believe in what you´re truly capable of? Either of the above paths will work for you, rather attack life with gusto and open eyes. Read, think, and be with people!

–Next steps

As a start, I´ve come up with a formula that works for me. Applying the wisdom (theory) into method (practice) is tough but for me on a daily basis it works like this:

Happiness is time:

60%- Work: Writing, reading, emails, organizing…

30%- Community: Hanging out but not expounding on philosophy.

10%- Alone & Personal Maintenence: Think, do laundry, sleep or pray.

I started doing this as a balance to all the thinking I was doing in Costa Rica, and it falls very similarly in Oberlin. I´m going to try to use it in Boston for making decisions as well, but I don´t know if I´ll be able to get a %30 community participation there… you´ll have to help me. Contact me 440.935.5434, Greenfest Fri-Sat-Sun August 22nd, MAPS or I´ll be living in Cambridge

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