My Life at Small Planet

2 Oct

Hello, (and sorry for not updating for a while):

Life has been hectic (setting up in Boston), but good. I have been on my bike to many different events, and a stellar mix of people/places/things to enjoy around the city. In this post I talk more about my former work, maybe you have heard about it, at the Small Planet Institute in Cambridge.

For quick updates about what we’re doing, follow @SmallPlanetInst on twitter. For the implications of some of the research I was doing for the book, read on dear reader:

Frances Moore Lappe, the head of the office, is an inspiration to the average person on topics of climate, personal empowerment, and the root causes of a social/economic/environmental crisis we’re seeing right now. She got started working with sustainable foods at UC Berkeley back in the 60s, where she wrote and founded Food First, the organization for food and development policy. She’s since moved on to write 17 books and a ton of free articles on the area of sustainability and social change. Check them out if you want; I’ve been making myself familiar with some timeless concepts that ring true and inspirational. Especially if you have been working with low morale or depression, check out Getting a Grip which is the book She’ll be working on next. (

BU Classes, organizing, and my future work lead to some interesting connections across the desk. The Real Food Challenge (next post) and are two of the most important civic groups right now, doing great things in their respective food and climate areas. Research on climate change is taking off along with the policy work, and it looks like there will be a large international day of climate action October 24th and maybe an international climate treaty agreement at Copenhagen. Obama and Kerry are both for it.

Most interesting in my line of research, though, is the link between Climate and Food. This is actually the main direction of Anna Lappe’s Organization, Take a Bite, and has been a subject of my former work in the US and Costa Rica. This is a pretty serious link of the puzzle, as we currently emit almost a third of global emissions based on food and a change in technique can reduce that by a half. I’m looking for a way to incent Carbon as having a value to be yet another incentive. Keep updated, as I believe my next post will be about this, or future work closeby..

As part of my work, I will be maintaining a regular blog from the Smallplanet website. Check, and stay tuned for my blog for more coming soon. Follow me or me at Small Planet to stay in contact on a more regular basis.

Love, Tao, and Happiness.


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