What’s Interesting, What’s Important, (What’s Fun)

18 Oct

..One from the college books.

What’s Real.. real life, issues =/= college in the U.S.

Education is thinking of innovation, thinking for yourself, taking the pursuit of knowledge. Interesting is people, how they think and how they perceive. important is family, food, community, green space.

And fun..? Sports danger adventure cuddling stories forts intellectual discussions, make believe balloons puppies kittens snow good views relaxation good tea and a book. Stars and breeze. Comfort.

yes, it’s a good time to start writing again. If you look on this blog you will find some of what I believed and still do about the world and it’s workings. Please feel free to visit https://eddiemill.wordpress.com/ , subscribe to Facebook notes or call and hang out! My plans, future, thoughts, and photo journal will be online.

Thanks fellow pioneers! ~~EM


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