I’m Working on Small Farming

21 Feb

Hello, folks!

I just thought I would update you — there has actually been a consistent stream of readership, thanks!– on some plans for this season.

So far, I only have two ideas for “real job” hourly work, so that means real time to work on what I’m passionate about– making small-scale agriculture viable in Oberlin and the United States. As we move into February it’s already seed and compost season, so let’s go:

1. Compost delivery available. This is some of the best raw material in Oberlin, from a raw foods juice bar delivered daily. For most community gardens, a week of delivery will be plenty for a person. It goes pile-> composter so if you want me to start a pile, or add to the composter that’s there, please text/email 440-935-5434! The size of your plants if you are planning on organic (which I recommend, it’s a deeper thought process and better food..) will be dependent on how much nutrients they get. Fact: Bacteria [like in compost or compost tea] hold nitrogen better than soils do. Some are even 80% nitrogen by mass. So take me up on this ..free/barter/or green paper.. offer!

2. Build a pond/make a shed.
The other thing that’s going to affect how healthy your plants or sheep or farm is, is water supply. A rain barrel works well, and you get a discount from the city. Take your area to the next level by designing in a pond, which a bunch of volunteers will come help you design and store the clay. Keep the clay covered, add sand, and a foundation, and you can start building with Oberlin’s first Community-owned implement, a brick press that makes uniform bricks out of clay. 2 People can make enough bricks to build a dry storage shed in a few days. How good would that be.. yeah I know. Chickens, animals or sheep are not out of the question. Please email for more information about this, we have an introduction packet for interested stakeholders: eddiemill@gmail.com

3. Order a CSA/ Order a fall sheep.
If I am staying in Oberlin, I need for my time to be worthwhile. If there are enough orders for sheep wool/meat/pets/lawn mowing, I can start to work on the required fence. Land for me is free but I need the money to start out! These are awesome services that they provide and I’d like to work with sheep, so ask me about it and it will probably work out.

4. Graduate School.


I hope this works. What I know is that I have a better perception of my natural environment these days then ever before. And a passion for visionary ideas. There’s a critical success point with this small agriculture when it becomes a community system. Not to mention, when a young farmer is starting out, me. I’m sure other things will follow, like a wholesale food establishment that would make it all possible. Let’s do it?



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