The Future of Food Conference, DC

15 May

“… Today, if you are looking for the most immediate cause of farmworkers’ increasing poverty — and the most correctable — your search is best directed to the marketplace. Farmworkers toil at the very bottom of a food supply chain that is every day more and more top-heavy, and this unprecedented consolidation of market power at the top of the retail food industry has created an unrelenting downward pressure on prices — and therefore wages and working conditions — at the bottom. And the bottom of the ‘bottom’ in the food supply chain is the person picking fruit in the fields…”

I found this interesting that the top guys are looking for ways to fix our food system. It doesn’t work to just be laborers, especially in development. Very inequitable growth. My suggestions: start small, market on-farm products, reduce costs and waste of farming.


Feed the Future, launched by President Barack Obama?s administration in 2009, attempts to leverage a $3.5 billion government pledge to lure investment from the private sector. The effort focuses on agricultural technologies of all kinds, including biotechnology.

The Future of Food Conference:

An important tool we have are former conferences of international stakeholders. These are how laws, treaties, and policies get made; It’s important to link and share them. Here’s one which is the most valuable (ever) for agriculture in the last 8 years.


Coalition of Imokalee Farmworkers:


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