The end of the world today?

21 May

Not sure if it matters whether or not it is; the fact is that things need to change, and starting today I will be advocating for the new world we want to create. You must relish the chance to be fresh and start out, on your own journey/path now going forward.

We are seeing now the emergence of a new world, one where you can be anything you want to be. This class and readings were a start, but the real journey you make yourself. As you make yourself, other things happen around you. It takes off. Virally ( and socially, the world needs someone who can act on a good idea. This class is the start of making “it” whatever it is, new and improved.

My change continues to be in farming, working the soil and growing plants and the right way to do it. If I can keep my effort as close to the ground as possible, it’s the best work.. I feel that this echoes for anyone working in an experimental field. Do something tangible, success so that people will listen. However, our bottom lines need to be in love, nature, and success is a by-product. Often times to do anything revolutionary you have to change yourself.



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