@BarackObama definitely needs to adopt this rhetoric: Climate and Monetary

23 Jun

Hello dear sir,
These two charts (and the accompanying articles) may very well change your presidency. As a citizen, I know that I am concerned about the future of our energy system and our performance under the long-term constraints of financial (fiscal, monetary, budget) systems. So I was very reassured by the existence of these two articles. Both are accompanied by charts which you can show to stakeholders in the government, and the sources are good as far as I can tell with some background research. A picture is worth a million words, I think you will find that here. Get your fire back, Barack! We still have to fix energy and agriculture yet.

-Eddie Miller

The graph all budget discussions should start with thanks @whitehouse staff go USA http://t.co/8FXfl1f

The graph all budget discussions should start with -- Ezra Klein

USA is meeting it’s energy targets, with a few rules and policies to not screw up now.

USA is on track to meet it's emissions targets

I’ve been thinking, just remember that government can do a lot without spending money. The role of government is not just to create and fund big social programs. I think you’ll be surprised how much Congress can accomplish if you press for the spending freeze in new bills that are written. No money, no senator buyouts, just good policy.

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