Una campesina por siempre–A farmer for always

5 Jul

This is a re-post from my friend’s blog! Check out Amanda at http://laborlanguageandcharacter.blogspot.com/.

(Wednesday, April 27–Day 169)
There are few things I know for certain. In fact, the more I learn, the smaller that list becomes. But there is at least one things at this stage of my life that I can say with confidence and with gusto–I will always be a farmer. The obvious similarities need no explanation. Brilliant, hard working, nature loving. Obvious. What I am referencing is something found at the core of a great farmer. It is at the center of who he is and at the base of all he does.

Picture a farmer as the individual who can feed his family from his crops and from what his neighbors supplement, and he still has enough left over to sell to his community for a small profit. This farmer–a great farmer–always has the bigger picture in mind. He knows what his end product will look like. He knows what he will be able to improve upon years in the future. He knows what he is working towards. But in order to move towards that final picture, he must live in the present moment. He must pay attention to the most minute details. He must be attentive and attuned to his surroundings. He must know the ins and the outs of whatever crops he is working with. He must constantly keep in mind the impacts of the environment. Whatever changes happen–be it a slight change in the weather or a minor quirk in a particular plant–he can respond accordingly. He can make the necesary alterations to his routine or to the environment so that his product still continues on the path of his choosing. This does not make him manipulative–it makes him empathetic. He pays attention so that when a plant or an animal, at whatever stage of development, appears off track he knows how to fix it. This does not mean he is all-knowing. He is just wise. His wisdom comes from his ability to listen–to listen to himself, to listen to his surroundings, and to listen to others. A great farmer knows that his most treasured resource is the shared knowledge of others. As an individual, a farmer is just one man, with one mind and one history and limitted experiences. But as a community, a farmer becomes many, with many minds sharing their unique histories and unlimited experiences. As a community, there is nothing a farmer cannot do. Yes, he will make mistakes–he is human. Yes, there will be rough years when nature doesn’t provide–he’s human. But a great farmer will weather through and a really great farmer will remain optimistic. In this way, a great farmer–with the help of those around him–will carry himself and the world on his shoulders, providing the priceless gift of life throughthe healthy food he produces with care, love, and consiousness.

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