#Organic is modern.

23 Jul

These days on the farm have me thinking. I hope I’ve communicated well via twitter, tumblr, and twitpic what work on the farm entails, but it’s process. Money does matter in this type of process, and we are making it. Margins are still tight and work is long, but this is how a lot of American agriculture needs to work. Right now in the season, our compost piles are getting finished; we are preparing beds for beans and sweet potatoes; tomatoes and peppers and squashes are long in the ground. The purpose of this post is to tell you that viable modern organic farm techniques that make this possible.

Seek local markets.

Solution: Organic Farming
Organic farming is an economic solution for farmers.
Grow a dynamic mix of fruits and vegetables, all year round saves you money not having to buy food.
More control over what you plant and harvest than just one thing.

Organic farming takes Carbon out of the atmosphere.

Farming involves more jobs in rural places.
More jobs in bagging, harvesting, weeding, watering, making compost and all these things.
Jobs from our organization include truck driving, packing, operations, ordering, research, grantwriting, extension, education work, and volunteers. (*want one?)
And farming organically is a better opportunity for young people interested to try out farming.

Organic farming can be local.
Retail shops and restaurants in the tourism of the country.
Healthy, fresh, chemical-free food for the people nearby.

Organic farming can be certified.
0-3 years it takes to go through the process, hard to organize but gets you $$!
Certified organic Costa Rican= 60-180% price increase, and guaranteed to sell all your food.

*Reasons To Consider Organic Production*
1. Innovate and experiment on your own farm.
2. Organic production uses no pesticides, which is better for the ecosystem and human health. This also gives the farmer greater freedom from the rising cost of external inputs.
3. Organic production is often greater than conventional in a drought
4. May qualify for funds and other programs
5. Organic community
6. Yields same or better than conventional farming per acre.
7. 75-100& price premium: “financial bottomline”
Source: ATTRA, Organic Extension Organization in US


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