President Obama on the debt crisis:

26 Jul

(I hope he returns to twitter after the address..)

How I am in solidarity with Mr. Obama on the debt crisis.
From a 23 year old in Oberlin.

First of all, since all your speeches start with one a personal anecdote. I have been considering getting a motorcycle. I think that’s a pretty cool thing to do. It’s a quality of life expense for me. Now, given your speech and the state that the country is in, I am going to go with a less expensive model and fix it up. Material investments are more important than money right now in my life, and I know that I’ll gain the skills to do something even starting poor. Financially, in Eddie-nomics, having a tangible investment is something better than money. (Having money is better than not having money, if only for financial reasons. ~Woody Allen) (Having an economy would be nice too, so I didn’t have to migrate for work at 23…)

I was with you on the sustainability boat, Barack Obama. We’ve fallen off of it, and the money boat’s gone away now. My story comes in the form of debt, a motorcycle, and a farm so.. stick with me!

You can’t raise the debt ceiling, there are two ways now. A) Get a job, America. (How does “Back on the farm” translate through the PR machine?) Or B) Reduce your spending.

Take money out of the equation. I have been doing it in my cost of living now for months. It still works. As long as the government has food. Keep them happy and just lock it down. Focus on value rather than low price generally in Economic policy. Focus on policy rather than programs (cc @dsen majority leader), and then just make it a policy not to spend any more on new bills. Value relationships, world sustainability, and shared decision making. My quarter.

Focus America on growing stuff for next year, and it will… grow. I have some other posts on how the farm stuff works, and how the debt and energy works. So I hope you enjoy visiting my blog Mr. Obama!
-Eddie Miller
Visionary, Organic Farmer, Ideas,
Tumblr post.. help organic farmers..


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