Things that need fixing: Reblog from a PW Post.

4 Aug

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Don’t know what you want to do with your life? Consider solving a social problem.

Here are a couple that need fixin’, plus good components that might be taking off. Add comment.

  1. Health solutions for vast numbers of poor people. Access to blood, medical technology, training of doctors, rural areas. Here in the US, all about increasing health care availability. There is a large body of research still on people being healthy. I respect anyone who works on this.
  2. Contact the apathetic! This is the route of the organizer. Unfortunately not something you target via an education campaign, but something that happens on the way to involving them– what happens when Obama volunteers put in 3 hours? So then you just need a campaign and a group. And a marketing flyer or mass media.
  3. Climate Change. There are tons of jobs right now in clean energy, building design efficiency, sustainable retrofits, efficient transportation, organic agriculture, and all aspects of society which are going to be necessary for us to adapt. It starts with you doing things for your immediate life, then if more interested go to a group meeting or training.
  4. Food. We have built an entirely unsustainable, unbeneficial system for feeding ourselves. The same root cause of climate change is also causing soil burnout, oil consumption, fast food culture, increased food miles, empty calories, and is destroying the livelihood of other countries. Internationally, organic farming can bring development. Here in the US, more organic starts with renewed interest in the rural sector.
  5. Urban planning for developing countries. Huge movement here- do it.

That’s all! Not really.

There are even things around the US that need fixing. Don’t be surprised if change comes in small amounts. You just need the right idea and the right tools put themselves into place.

We’re in time for change. Those of us that are going to make jobs with values guide where we’re going. ON these issues, once you can specialize you have the strongest advantage of any undergraduate.

Keep it real,

-Eddie Miller

BU ’10

A global organic mindset:

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