What I’m thinking is, #farm #economy

6 Aug

What I’m thinking is,

This is a new hybrid farm movement. Best appropriate available technology. Spadefork and rototill. Rotational grazing fields and cover crop, then next year plow them. Interplant between corn rows, okra. Make a soup from your country kitchen out of it. Making stock now it has: garlic (2), carrot (1), bay leaves, oil, thyme, water, pepper, onion (1). Stew for one hour. It’s the kind of project you are willing and ready to take on if you live on a farm. Diversified farm. I have all those things growing, because of a love for plants and the ability to know that I will have plenty of extra for my neighbors. Learning.

A small-farm centered Economy would restore America’s greatness; using available resources (instead of dwindling ones). If you have these things, you are good. Happy together. Each new farmer spreads the awareness to hundreds of their customers and restaurants. If everyone is reasonable, of course it will work in economies to run businesses in this sort of financial down-turn. Bottom-line dollar decisions in food. It’s single-dollar denominations, which is about what shows up. Leave the massive weight of investment dollars behind. (get out of debt, and don’t go into it too bad buying fence.)

However, I recognize that the circus takes money to run. It may require a second job somewhere to support for now we add car payments (hint use a motorcycle), house, family, cell phone bill, and utilities. But if you farm or get a CSA, and garden your herbs and tomatoes, and talk to a dairy farmer about getting eggs (a herd-share for milk.) and cheese, then you are food self-sufficient for a one-time food money investment up front, and don’t have to shop. And a big step closer to the self-sufficiency you want.

In the new economy, you will be able to buy and sell as nature intended it: trade. Find out what you can grow or do best (for me it’s Spinach, cumphrey, sorrel, and sheep) for market. Your market being people that you know (direct sale), or the farm market, or business (direct sale produce) if you can get the regulation/certification to vend to them. Asides from these specialties, there are the staples: corn and tomatoes basically. These foods store well, process well, and keep for a season. If you are vegetarian, consider getting your produce from California as the weather gets colder. If you eat meat, ask for an animal to be slaughtered and put it in a chest freezer at home. If you are a farmer, look into hoophouses, they’re good technology. If you don’t have a hoophouse, save seed and preserve food…

I think that if this catches on we can all work together on this with very little “big money” involved. Certainly no GMOs and, everything keeps and grows and flourishes, then replants itself next Spring in a garden twice the size. Especially working with sheep, it has a built-in growth curve. It takes some time for people to get used to a more down to earth system. But this is how Economics was founded. Let’s get back to that.

-EM Ideas for the Future



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