Please Change This

13 Aug

Support the local food movement. Tell the USDA to stop colluding with Big Ag today!

In the past 10 years the number of farmers markets has more than doubled, from 2,863 in 2000 to 6,132 in 2010. The rise in the popularity of the local, organic and sustainable food movement is the result of the growing awareness of major problems in our industrial food system and the increasing number of massive food safety outbreaks that have resulted from unchecked consolidation and concentration of food production in the U.S.

Today the USDA is conspiring with the largest lobby groups to implement a set of rules that favors giant industrial growers while placing diversified farms at risk. Known as the National Leafy Green Marketing Agreement, this set of rules is designed by industrial producers to protect their market share while harming their main competition, the growing local and organic food movement. Drafted by the largest vegetable growers’ lobbyists, the Leafy Green agreement is an effort to whitewash their growing problems.

The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) recently agreed with Big Ag lobbyists to propose national food safety rules for vegetable growers despite the fact that the AMS has no food safety oversight or staff, and implement practices that farmers with one-size-fits-all rules that would drive local and organic farmers out of business.

We have 3 days to stop this Agreement and we need you. Can you help us get 20,000 signatures to protect local and organic farmers by Thursday?

Worth working for. In Northern Ohio, Sherrod Brown and also Kaptur sit on the Senate Food Committee. Here is the link for the text of this bull** regulation bill. Come on, government??

Source for this post includes the Food Democracy Now! team:

Fw: Tell Vilsack support the local food movement

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