A scathing letter from an #agvocate

31 Aug

Our modern food system is not well-designed, it’s a factory which has reduced labor. The role of the USDA has been to banish farms from the everyday lives of the country, while consolidating food and making the rest illegal… While we have more land than the rest of the world, it is tracked out and provides little health or nutritional value. The average American is more removed (or, as removed) from his or her geography as ever. The Unsettling of America, Wendell Berry.

1/3 of Topsoil is lost. Land degradation has destroyed more civilizations than armies, and thus we must prevent that the same thing happens to the US. Industrial Agriculture has destroyed most of our topsoil … if land can no longer maintain crops, civilization disappears… Monoculture produces less topsoil than a spadefork or keyline plow, diluted compost tea applications, and a pile. This means we are more vulnerable.  Deplete life.

Wes Jackson of The Land Institute says that 120 years now is the most important in the history of Homo-sapiens. This can be a century of progress, or another of hopeless bickering about which country is the best. Either we end in a stalemate and seek another planet or, everyone can make a living. Let’s make it so. Oregon Tilth, MOSES, IFOAM, the FAO, and other true organic support and education agencies are already working on making an economy that works for the future.

If someone is to blame for the obesity crisis, I guarantee you it’s not the farmers.

Dear USDA, Rid your agency of corruption.

Cut Monstanto farm bill budget by 90%.

Monsanto Michael Taylor has got to go!

CC AFSIC, Sustainable Agriculture Network, Rural Information Center, Obama Food Network, Please Forward.

I’ll grow vegetables for local markets. EM CHE

Ingenuity — Integrity — Optimism. http://en.search.wordpress.com/?q=site%3Aeddiemill.wordpress.com


3 Responses to “A scathing letter from an #agvocate”

  1. eD August 31, 2011 at 2:18 pm #

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

    unfortunately alot of american farmers are obese too … farmers are not neccesarily eating intelligenty… what percentage of farmers are eating a healthy organic vegan diet ? probably hard to find stats on that question

    it;s not a matter of dear usda rid your agency of corruption, the agency itself is inherently corrupt.. it is an arm of corporategovernment dominator culture * monsanto, con agra, archer daniels midland …etc ARE the usda … research the track records of it’s current and former employees *

    the individual is responsible for their obesity, yet perhaps 1 in 100,000 see thru the babylon programming that has been instilled upon them since before they were born. unfortunately, the percentage of intelligent people is still quite low… and for sure, education does not equate intelligence, on the contrary , it often snuffs out natural intelligence.. look at the leaders of the empire… well heeled silver spoon kids that went to the “finest” educational institutions in the country .. and take a look at the results of their leadership, hmmm *

    * there’s always gonna be alot more dumb people than their are smart people, and we ain’t many… we ain’t many* ~ ken kesey – oct 31 1991


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