Guides for a New World

20 Sep

Hi folks! I have a very special blog post today, this will be up here for a while, so feel free to reference it:

These guides are for everyone: the tools for us in order to be sustainable in food and energy solutions. The best of internet and experience changing these industries. Want to know what to do? How about what @BarackObama should focus on? If we can be energy and food self-sufficient, we will have a resilient footing no matter what the future is. Download and distribute, these are Guides for a New World. -E


Boosting Energy for Our Future with Feed-in Tariffs applicable to policy makers in the government about the best practice possible environmental regulation in order to boost sustainable energy generation in the USA. 

350 organizing guide how to “sell it”- the pitch for climate action! 

defra-ghg-conversion-factors All businesses will need to use this in the future. GHG (Carbon equivalent) conversion factors to calculate baseline Carbon footprint for your operation.

FFrom the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

Lets you know what is in season for consumers who want to eat local.

For Food: Again, for everyone.


Lettuce Link GardeningGuide  the best possible reference for starting to grow our own food plants.

boston_local_guide relevant for restaurants and serious local foodies looking for bulk inputs. Published for other cities too at 

CRI-Farmers-Market-Action-Guide  from Corporate Accountability International, on how to change the fast food system. 

Please Use and Distribute. Can you forward to your policy-maker?



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