Occupy the Money – A Fresh Perspective on What’s Going on With our Macro-Economy

24 Dec

Hi there, Economics former student and now 99%-er writing here. I have a degree that includes international finance. I am also writing online. If you want a complete perspective about what’s going on right now, I recommend you get a book in Keynesian Economics – STAT. Long-term effects are always conjectures in Economics, so I assume no validity for the future. Legals aside, the bottom line is that we can save this Economy.

The banks stealing billions in money that didn’t actually exist = change on the money supply.

The fact that it’s not accounted for by now – fine, it’s just an overzealous credit swing. The effects of overzealous banks on the money supply? Net contraction of the money supply.

This counters the low-interest rate policyAmerica’s Fed has had for years here, with a zero % interest rate happening for years, encouraging corruption in corporate investment. Encouraging demand. And increasing the money supply. An expansionary monetary policy.

These stimuli policies – the banks steal a lot of money == Not many dollars, high value.

American pride can save the day here, quite fortuitously… The dollar has propped up the world for years in history, ever since it got involved in the business back at the end of the 1st + second world war. We’re actually getting back closer to the gold standard. I recommend to everyone to support a strong dollar. Keep the amount of dollars in the economy low in circulation. Stop uneasiness in the public about wartime spending – staunch the flow. 

This is how you weather the recession.

In fact, these banks saved Barack Obama a presidency by doing this (if he’ll ever read my blog + get street smart…) because a strong dollar= world peace. Many are relying on us/them to not inflate away the future. Indeed, the dollar lifts all boats. We might thank the banks in retrospect.

What can Barack Obama not afford to do?

a)       Spend it on military. This destabilizes world peace. The Euro must remain pegged on a dollar to have some sort of international financial security. Printing money is bad for our creditors, but also bad for those 99 countries that rely on us, perhaps have been making big monetary investments in us over the last 10 years…

b)      Ron Paul version: This is an issue that all these bases and arms are going into different countries. They should not be doing that now, not after the effort to get out of two wars. Declare peace better, and work on the economy.

c)       Spend too much of it. The reason why is to not further inflate the money supply. Many government programs are exceedingly wasteful, and anyone even mentioning socialism should take a second look at the department of homeland security… not happening.

d)      With a bankrupt Economy and a pending global recession coming, there are those that tend towards wanting a war. And there are those that take the future in their hands and change things. Not representing the 99% (which are autonomous unless they concensed on), I can suggest that you keep an eye on visiting the movements. We are spending nothing-on-just-basics right now, and so we’ll let you know when the good and proper investments of public importance are.

The thing is the dollar is strong, too: it supports all the national currencies.

Barack Obama — Not everyone will come up to you with a BA in Economics and say to do these things. Other than this PDF .doc attached in email, I’ve been writing a long time; just search for “Barack Obama” on my blog at https://eddiemill.wordpress.com/. Maybe even tags. Or twitter…on a simple level of basic communications you should read all your twitter responses. 

This has been occupy (love the occupy movement to make the real change you want to see – wait until it settles into the 2.0 DIY respect ecology of nature peace n\/ sustainable people.. call peace first.)  But you have some basic responsibilities as a President, Sir. Peace is one of them that is really easy we’ve found so, I’m sure you can work it out with the diplomats of the world. Let’s go with good progress like the diplomatic ties you’ve accomplished, and give these one-pagers over to a more conducive communications method which creates Democracy. I also studied I.R. so let’s quietly stop so many guns (money) into Israel, no?

-Eddie Miller

Your Good angel says: all money is the evil of the world right now, where are the biggest flows going? Which is your ability to heal?

A From this post: Keeping a staunch flow of dollars out there in the Economy. Work for the dollars you spend or, design DIY solutions to your own unemployment (Economy).



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