#Occupy 12/25 Post

25 Dec

A lot of good medicine here on the West Coast. As the original big occupation camps break down, I’m seeing the spontaneous formation of a new sort of survival mechanism– it’s these small groups of folks that are finding friendship and survival in small circles or groups that will go out to different parks in and around the Bay area.

I had planned to go skiing in Wyoming before Christmas but after the crash… have ended up in Corvallis, Oregon! It’s cool here and, will probably see Eugene tomorrow on the way back down to Oakland. Eugene has disbanded camp because police keep making up reasons to… There’s a great story about the Valkyrie that tried to keep it together though each night. As well in Berkeley, I would stay up till at least 2AM trying to keep the peace. (De-escalate… everything… and most of all it’s best not to tell people what to do!) I’m happy to see family here in Corvallis, get a chance to rest a bit from it. It is interesting to know though that right here in Oregon there’s an occupy with so much in common as at Berkeley, my current home camp.

Not to count my chickens before they’re hatched but… there’s a group called Shepherd’s Gift that is in the talks to support me to support these East Bay camps with money for basic sanitation and first aid materials, so this seems like something that’s too important to leave just yet. Right now I’ll probably be headed on a return trip after the early Spring here– scheduled to be in April sometime that I’ll return. Who knows, though– trip’s been so epic so far and we must be flexible! It’s led to some great things so far. Namaste.

I see these small camps as an ideal way to develop new agriculture– sowing the seeds for a movement of organic farming. There’s a lot of folks that are underrepresented and unemployed here in the Bay area occupy movement, all of whom have a love and interest in gardening working group and growing plants so… if it catches on many of them might find good space to do it on and meet their needs. Isn’t that just too beautiful?

Anyways, I did want to mention that there’s an organization that might support me out here to do all this — I’m asking for $10k for the camp that we’re establishing (to be put into a credit union in the meantime) and $10k to replicate some sanitation and first aid infrastructure for the different potential sites in the East Bay. I hope it comes through!

PS. For agriculture, this could start seeds in, and then farm in the rest of the year. 🙂 http://www.hightunnels.org/ForGrowers/SitePlanning&Construction/Articles/CareyHow-toBuild.htm



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