Water into Wine.

6 Jan

Our first project hope will be nothing less of a miracle — that of turning water into wine.

A few days ago, the UC Berkeley plant spilled a large amount of diesel fuel out of ___ into the creek which runs down their campus. Strawberry Creek does not belong to anyone, but is rather the City of Berkeley’s. As a 99%, we’d like first of all to peacefully show and discover how Berkeley feels about it.

What can be done with the creek? While this question involves complex ecology, perhaps of UC biology staff + complex interactions, Native American medicine is bottom-up, affordable, and magical. Native Americans as the original occupiers have had to deal with this sort of encroachment for a long time. They’ve developed very old traditions of stewarding nature. If we can restore that creek, it can provide fresh drinking and healing for the community. It may take a

In Gaviotas, Colombia, a team developed a micro-water turbine to generate electricity. This could be a long-term cell charging station for the movement. The water could be a long-term asset.

APR — American Political Resistance.
“The world was in the hands of those who had the courage to dream — and to realize their dreams.”


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