Appropriate Technology Intro

23 Feb

Problem: The global challenges ahead of us are immense. Increase yields sustainably by +50% by 2050 (Hillary Clinton’s favorite statistic) for a growing world population. Provide employment to revitalize a stagnant U.S. economy + prevent a global depression. Find alternative fuel to power the world’s transportation fleet and prevent a potentially nuclear war. Utilize resources effectively without extracting too much more. Find alternative electricity solutions that are feasible.

I propose:

We have all the resources available and maybe on other planets. That human ingenuity can solve these problems. That small and medium-sized businesses in numbers are best equipped to provide jobs and do this transformation. By making tools/machines that satisfy a) pays back within the first year. b) Beta can be made with zero materials cost. We can effect the world that we wish to see.


One Response to “Appropriate Technology Intro”

  1. ED MILLER February 23, 2012 at 7:40 am #

    another key challenge for humankind: love one another (and the earth) better . . . with more wisdom, selflessness, altruism, kindness, compassion, acceptance and equanimity. This will only happen if we strive to be better lovers ourselves.

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