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24 Feb

These are the blueprints.

Getting tired? Make yourself a cup of coffee and bookmark and share all of them anyways! For the next friend you know who’s starting farming, show them. In this way, one degree of separation will make sure it gets down and permeates through.

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A. Problem: System of industrial agriculture is fatal to consumers, rivers and lakes, genetic diversity, wildlife, community. We must not replace patriotism about our country for greed of large-scale industrial farming.

The Economics of Low Price

Scathing letter from an agvocate

Obama has not helped organic farmers (Tumblr) (we have been penalized/ small farmers have not been helped/ however, these local and organic farmers are the hope for our future)

What we know about GMO (Tumblr)

Glyphosate (Roundup)

Leafy green problems , “natural” problems, Raw food raids


B. Organic agriculture was fastest growing sector, why? It’s entrepreneurial spirit, optimism, timely, news.

What I am thinking is, Farm Economy

Guest blogger Amanda Garant: A Farmer for Always

Corn Planting around the corner: A Different Option for Farmers

Organic is Modern

C. But we must go beyond the USDA certification to save small farming, the wilderness, and our wildlife. We must conquer a mechanistic and reductionist worldview, to understand that our food decision creates our children’s future.

Wendell Berry: ‘Soil is not usually lost in slabs or heaps of magnificent tonnage. It is lost a little at a time over millions of acres by careless acts
of millions of people. It cannot be solved by heroic feats of gigantic technology, but only by millions of small acts and restraints.’

Response to @TheFarmersLife, High Tech Ag is Not Natural

The need for “99% Sustainability:” John Jeavons and Ecology Action

Some goals for the food movement to work with (global perspective, morals..)

Parks, Ecology, Business

Elk Migration Routes, and a Permaculture-Ecology Project

How the Amish React to New Technology

Government, Scientific, Technology adaptations for development (From the IAASTD)

D. Posit a new system. Method:

“Anarganic” norms for the twenty-first century

The #Organic Pages

Beyond Organic

E. And ask them for seeds. Cook and grow your own food.

(Some of my favorite recipes: butternut squash, egg torta, best cornbread)

Edward Miller | “A Global Organic Mindset”

Seeker, planner, collaborative visionary.
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Blog Categories Table of Contents:

Economic Recessions– 12/22/2009
The Next Globalization is Local– 12/19/2009
Ecological Economics, the Science of Sustainability-3/8/2009
Echoing Green and Social Entrepreneurship-2/23/2009
Agricultural Trade Doesn’t work for Poor People-12/09/2008
Plan, and Structure (Original Post)-
Transition– 11/6/2008

“Tell Me About Your Home” Maximus of Gladiator – 12/17/2009
Paul Farmer, Haitian Doctor for the Poor– 12/7/2009
Let’s be Thankful– 11/23/2009
From Thoreau, a Business Mentality– 11/16/2009
Food and Climate Change-10/3/2009
The Community Reality-6/11/2009
Julio– 4/28/2009
International Assessment on Agricultural Knowledge, Science, Technology and Sustainability (IAASTD Paper)– 12/12/2008
The Organic Development Paradox-11/03/2008 *Over a year ago and still actually one of my best posts*
New Entry Sustainable Farming on Twitter-(Current)

Climate Change and the Environment
MAPSBLOG: The Day Copenhagen Failed– 12/18/2009
MAPSBLOG: I support Tradeable Emissions Permits for Greenhouse Gasses– 11/29/2009
350 for the Economy– 11/21/2009
MAPSBLOG What Could have Been: Uniting Diverse Groups for Social Change.-10/29/2009
October 24th post: 350 as an Inspiration– 10/24/2009
Reconnect with your Greenfire
Awakening the Dreamer-10/27/2008
StepItUp09 on Twitter (Current)

Experiences, Journal
“A Million Little Pieces”-12/01/2009
My Life at Small Planet-10/02/2009
If I was..-9/15/2009
Back in Boston– 9/08/2009
“A Different Perspective: Participatory Action Research”-6/7/2009
Anda Tranquilo: Nicaragua-3/27/2009
Into the Wild (Weekend Away with Nietzche)-3/14/2009
My “intellectual” Baggage was Stolen!-2/23/2009
“Culture Shock”-2/8/2009
In Defense of the Word.-12/17/2008
A Day in the Life– 12/09/2008
On Exploring10/25/2008

Group-led versus revolutionary change– 11/10/2009
Visions of a New Moral– 10/10/2009
If I Were an Anthropologist..-6/29/2009
Paulo Coehlo: Ser como el Rio Que Fluye
Cultivate a Worldview!
Change to the Masses (!)
Reconnect with your Greenfire
Enough of What’s Wrong-11/19/2008
My Reactions to Change, the Election, and Barack Obama– 11/6/2009
Bioneers, Humans and Development10/26/2009

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