Che’s Guide to the New World Order

30 Dec

It’s apparent that the New World Order is both Political & Economic domination. This may seem frightening, especially because it’s possible. If we all work together though, there are some things that we can do about it, to build the sustainable world that is necessary. (?) Decolonize!

Vote with your money.
– Don’t shop at 1% stores, or in a shopping plaza. Support mom’s-and-pops, as they are the backbone of this country. What does your community look like to you?
– Non-GMO: Does this product pass the test of no artificial flavorings, colors, or preservatives? If you’re someone who is very particular, (or shopping for one), try Pollan’s “Food Rules”. If you’re poor, try supplementing the food stamps with dumpstering or growing your own food. Food is health.
– Produce custom gifts and trade them with your folks for Christmas. Anyone can make …
We will probably have to have lots more farms as the US food system trips on itself. Love instead of money! Food harvested collectively has two benefits: 1. Security for those who don’t have. 2. A political statement, of the people you need.

The election this year was stolen. Literally, by the cops in South San Francisco. Feel free to watch the video, in full at “Cops Behave Badly” on YouTube. Both candidates the mainstream media would have you vote for are dictator candidates.
– There’s no justice coming from the system.
– However, some court cases to watch are — South San Francisco Tenants of 415 Grand Avenue vs. SSF Police Department, City of South San Francisco (on police evictions), Yolanda Huang’s lawsuit in Oakland for #J28 Police policy arrests, and here’s another one: “Oakland Police Sued in Police Beating.

Nonetheless, a few thousan people will be trapped by the billions. I hope to see stories on this, and so I’ve about put this letter on a tumblr and a wordpress for you. Share what you like best.

— Much will have to be some kind of opting out. A tent’s a home, and all the 99% love camping.

— Any arrangement with the city, tents on the plaza are not negotiable. That needs to happen, as a demonstration of the right to assemble and peacefully protest. Don’t call the cops.

Comment on open threads! This alternative news system is crucial for our movement’s success, love and continue to listen to Coast 2 Coast AM in the evenings, local radio, Grandmothers against bullshit (FB), NRNewsRoom (FB), IndyBay, Guerilla News, RT, The Anonymous News offshoots on Facebook, Local newspapers. … Anything except the TV!

Please Share!

EM Che 11/2012


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