Art native reality.

7 Apr

Hi there. This is Eddie Che from the frontlines. We are now trying to come to a point of unity before branching out; we see this as a trade between freedom and a collective existence. Art has come close; see links on my blog:

There’s a question of what is real — well for a career undergraduate with art on his mind, an experience of economy as well as international relations, I don’t know yet. So, we can use this opportunity as a collective manifest.

Occupy Berkeley — sleeping bag, and enough for a coffee occasionally. Extra points for a laptop or kindle fire.

Occupy Oakland . – Make art

We hope to correctly represent the cities we are in, we occupy. 1-2 small artists like me in every occupy community of the country would represent a wonderful common sense that is new since the very invention of paper. We hope that this represents adequately any of the emotions here incurred. I hope that a new art and … works for all.


2 Responses to “Art native reality.”

  1. Ed Miller April 9, 2013 at 8:46 am #

    Yes! art is one of the really important features in a diverse (and thereby, healthy) culture. also we need: musicians, dancers, philosophers, poets, loud people, quiet people, men, women, older folks, kids, animals, plants . . . all relating very well to each other (i.e. with love)

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