4-Part Reality

13 May

4-Part reality.
A super-good reflection, as it comes from a native medicine wheel…

Hope change options, and good/evil.
Nature art music fire
On own, back to the land, humility/adaptation,graffiti
Buck control, Robin Hood, make people happy, studio

Groundswell, sea change, paradigm shift, alternative
issues: race, money, nonviolence, art/artist norm/space reality
people: Evie, Jenny, Mari, matriarchy (w. natives and grandmothers)
All one: Mama Jude, Lexi, V, Jennifer

If you come up with three things, please look for a fourth.

Four is a great source of energy from concepts you think of , notice, insight or draw.

Alchemy, an old science and art that has been around for a long time. This is a preferred inflection of the world right now. Balance. Should be treated with highest respect.


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