A Moment of Truth and Reality on Government

29 Jun

In this blog post, I have to give congratulations to Barack Obama especially and the so-called “authorities” of our country [USA] for some major accomplishments this last week. Among the things that these people accomplished are:

A. Positive court decisions on BOTH a repeal of Proposition 8, the controversial State marriage law in California that had made gay marriages illegal, and against the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA], which now protects the rights of marriage to federal benefits in New York and 11 other states. (Citing the High Court’s 1967 opinion on interracial marriage in Loving v. Virginia, he reiterated that marriage, and individual states’ rights to protect it, should both be “subject to certain constitutional guarantees.” That also means gay couples should get the same federal benefits as straight couples..) From San Francisco, here’s a link which describes the battle and victory from the Bay Area Reporter, the Bay’s leading LGBT newspaper: http://www.ebar.com/news/article.php?sec=news&article=68873. The City has been awash with huge crowds for this whole weekend. I joined a march yesterday along Market and Taylor which had I would say over or near a thousand people. Revolution in the streets, with a big march planned Sunday.

B. A coming-out of Barack Obama on a limit to Carbon emissions in electricity-generating plants. As an American president, he can do this in order to head our country towards action on alternative energy, economy jobs, as well as climate change prevention and adaptation to peak oil. My response was to retweet a few of his twitter posts, and suggest that The project the country’s government should work on would be a smart energy grid, like Al Gore talked about. The tweets, and the article response, are after the break: The relevant article for President Obama’s speech via the Independent is: http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change/barack-obama-unveils-strict-new-climate-change-measures-8673716.html The relevant link for how we should battle climate change in the USA is to build an energy grid, infrastructure that lets people know to monitor and regulate their own energy use, http://www.cleanfleetreport.com/al-gore-prioritizes-energy-innovation/  and http://news.cnet.com/8301-11128_3-10092364-54.html. REALLY GOOD IDEAS, which you should talk about in the context of Al Gore and his battle on Climate change before everything fell apart at Copenhagen, and the production economy with it. A new energy grid would provide over ten thousand jobs, and lets people also adapt mechanisms to generate from their own sources, (duh).

D. Pretty much everyone who needs to in government has seen my letter and blog about the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve responded that they will be “easing off” of their MASSIVE PRINTING OF MONEY, which hurts the interest rates and makes everything more expensive. This is not even good enough, but they are in the right direction. Let’s make a concerted effort for our future and REDUCE THE MONEY SUPPLY, making everything cheaper for the 99%. The meme that I generated yesterday from San Francisco is, “Everything 30% off, Occupy the Fed Reserve.” Hella!!!! Marches coming up soon.  New York’s Fed Reserve bank president is already for it: http://money.cnn.com/2013/05/21/news/economy/dudley-federal-reserve/index.html. My blog of research and links is at http://eddiemill.typepad.com/ and the best letter to forward to government and especially bank officials, if you believe in that type of thing, is the google document entitled “Federal Reserve.”
So, congratulations, Government… I am asking for liberty and freedom to do my things regardless of whether [you guys/they] figure out this country, but I am willing and able to help this country figure itself out at the same time. Oc.cu.p.y!
These updates from a while ago:

Eddie Che ‏@EddieMill52m
RGR! The grid like @AlGore talked about, he said transform in comparison to internet, I add railroad. http://www.cleanfleetreport.com/al-gore-prioritizes-energy-innovation/ … @BarackObama
Eddie Che ‏@EddieMill55m
Had this written down on the back of one of my zinebooks (freedom) : ” @BarackObama hope it includes a sustainable energy grid.” twitter ❤
Barack Obama ‏@BarackObama2h
“It was important for me to speak directly to your generation.”—President Obama on how #climate will have a profound impact on our future
 Retweeted by Eddie Che
Barack Obama ‏@BarackObama4h
“This is the global threat of our time…We have to get to work.” —President Obama on climate change. #ActOnClimate
 Retweeted by Eddie Che
Barack Obama ‏@BarackObama2h
President Obama: “We can figure this out…as long as we don’t fear the future and instead we seize it.” #ActOnClimate
 Retweeted by Eddie Che
Barack Obama ‏@BarackObama2h
“We need to build smarter, more resilient infrastructure.” —President Obama on ways to #ActOnClimate to protect against natural disasters
 Retweeted by Eddie Che

Eddie Che ‏@EddieMill: Is there a @BarackObama speech on #climate right now? Seems like a good one this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcL3_zzgWeU&feature=youtu.be… & http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change/barack-obama-unveils-strict-new-climate-change-measures-8673716.html …

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