Capitalism and it’s discontents

23 Jan

1. Yes, occupy was right. If you have been paying any attention to, say, what’s going on with the stock market, or our national debt for example, or oil consumption, tax to pay principle on our debt, it’s an unstable situation for America. I believe that this is an opportunity for our movement to really push the system that started with the destruction of, native peoples.

2. This is going on. top 1%

3. This is going on. debt to foreign countries. A lot of it is debt to ourselves, and so here is how that breaks down as well as definitions from AARP the world’s largest circulation magazine, highest standards of ethical behavior no compromise to integrity….

4. No new taxing as we can’t pay back some 16 Trillion dollars.

5. Update: who are the 10.8%? We are the 3.5%. 6 million stronger by those who don’t want a job in a system they don’t find meaningful, believe in.

6. Economics a) consumption utility =/= happiness Economic ethic poses paradox that freedom emerges as the highest value in a system that is essentially a deterministic web of material incentives.

via NZ: Easterlin Hypothesis: The good samaritan as bad economist:

7. Nature image, from land-earth expansion of ecological disconnect. Image

A group of citizens that find no meaning in a fast food or retail wage-slave job.


Another way is possible.. In theory, of the internet but not yet in practice. When anonymous speaks, you will hear it’s voice everywhere.

Eddie che


One Response to “Capitalism and it’s discontents”

  1. joanie January 23, 2014 at 7:44 pm #

    Wonderful variety of resources; thought provoking and helpful. I wish I understood the blue art picture looks intriguing! Thank you for bringing all these together.

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