The Oxfam Report

30 Jan

The major one that folks have to realize is this.

There is now a 1% which owns more than half of the world’s wealth. WTF?

The richest one percent of people in China,Portugal, and the US have more than doubled their share of national income since 1980, and the situation is getting worse.

There is now a reality whereby a 1% of people are vastly better off than most other people. In the United States, the 1% have captured 95% of income increases since they went down in 2009 (see other post). 90% of people have gotten poorer. Like, WTF? With all that we’ve been going through together, it appears that Occupy was right. (Reminds me of a recent post I read on Rolling Stone, the illuminati dissolves and, this is real:

A recovery hasn’t happened, and it’s only a rigged trade balance with China and the poverty of the middle class that’s keeping inflation from happening, we have more debt than anything, and are trapped in wage slavery retail and fast food jobs. Eek! Can anyone say revolution?

Workin’ on these solutions….


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