The numbers are all a lie.

2 Feb

All the numbers are lies. Their system had required a continuous growth. So what did they do, a 1% of people has been making up the numbers. Everything from GDP, to job employment.

a) GDP = How much of GDP is caused by the Federal Reserve? Now $4 trillion, or $85 billion a month, or, 25% of GDP. Our debt is near that of our entire country’s GDP.

b) Unemployment= As of November, the 7.3%? Actually 10.8%. There is a 6 million in the United States, or 3 and a half percent, who aren’t actively looking for a job. With the video, “open letter to the 3.5%,” that means that there’s enough that’s a critical mass. When we realize who we are, their capitalist system cannot go on without us. If we are not even WANTING a job in a system we don’t find meaningful, that means there’s enough support for whatever happens next. Ladies, plan people? Our movement is that much stronger, what do we do?

c) Corporate America = runs the decision-making of the government. You saw it in Obama’s State of the Union speech! Capitol hill= [jobs, money.] Either one of the two you have a vote for they get in there and they’re just working for the corporations which pay for them. It’s like, Monsanto!

d) Wall Street= The entire recovery, in fact, has benefited mainly a 1% of people, and 90% have gotten poorer! Statistic: In the US, the wealthiest one percent captured 95 percent of post- financial crisis growth since 2009, while the bottom 90 percent became poorer. Via the Oxfam report: Much of the “growth” is not based on real things at all. Why: buying because it’s’ going up, and then selling it, is the logic of how a bubble is made.

e) US can’t support themselves. There’s enough debt, oil consumption, credit card consumption, war funds to Israel.

f) Natural imperative. In order for our continued existence on this planet, a step away from capitalism drastically reduced will be needed, or else the United States will continue to be a bad example.

and the stock market is a bubble.

Money does not necessarily equate with power. EC


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