Freedom is the way of it. And the First Step is Solidarity.

19 Feb

A paradigm shift is taking place. It is coming from the awareness that all of our crises are connected to an economy rigged for the wealthiest. Can we create something better and, change most everything?

Professor C. J. Polychroniou calls the current system “Predatory Capitalism.” We have passed the era of industrial capitalism and have entered finance capitalism based on expansion of the neoliberal economic model globally. This is fundamental to understand because it is this model that is driving all of our crises.

Predatory capitalism is directly linked to the growing national security state and militarism. Spying on people in the US and around the world continues to become more sophisticated.


For more of the problems endemic in the system, I could write a lot. Basically growth has not been real or it has been a 1%. We are put here as the nation which must , basically radically adjust our way of life. For more of the solutions, though, we simply opt out of Their system via a crack from capitalism.

My designs on a house scale or smaller from here. Whoś discontented or turned off from that capitalist system and ready for the Spring?


One Response to “Freedom is the way of it. And the First Step is Solidarity.”

  1. eddiemill February 24, 2014 at 6:18 am #

    Yeah yeah! Survival Non-GMO.

    In order for life to continue on this planet, a few conditions will have to be met.

    One is the replication of life by itself. That is, of course, what growing anything is all about.

    I am wondering as to the aspects of the development of farming, Itś obviously not about the money it’s about growing food. How did predecessors miss that? Very easily, by human nature.

    There is, required, a fairly dramatic reduction of resources use by lifestyle. Letś be free and make art instead of, whatever is going on now.. consumerism, shopping sprees, … the NWO would have 80% of the population die. Let’s change that.

    “First Earth” on Youtube is a good , no, great, video idea of what the future should look like.


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