everythingisfree electricity – Che’s save the world electricity generation post.

1 Apr

The next generation of energy generators.

The next generation of energy generators like I built. 😉 BOOKMARK!:

Breakthrough energy realization: Energy goes round, which is free and abundant, what’s it but a bicycle , wind turbine diyhome wind turbine instructables wind turbine woodmill, wind turbine disk brake excellent boomer 99% link, spiral turbine, water hydro or water free DIY , steam from hot air steam, bicycle good link,

alternator otherpower alternator alternator, used car

Note: ANY DC motor will act as an alternator. Someone found that the 12V and 24VDC motors in electric scooters work well for bike or human powered generators.
http://www.monsterscooterparts.com/24v30mowisp.html <
also, treadmill motors. If you get on craigslist you can find many treadmills for free.

Basically take a car’s alternator, run a belt from your back wheel to drive the alternator, throw on a 12 volt battery to get the system started, connect to a power inverter so you can charge or run items via a conventional plug, and voila, you’ve re-created a car’s electrical system for your stationary bike.

everythingisfree electricity. Note that what we want to do is provide home electricity, more than necessary if possible. That frees you in this area.

99%, get batteries. Try to power your laptop for now. This will prepare you for wiring your house, and, eventually free car trips.

anyone who uses this information to make industrial beware, it will not be valued by the people. #electricity . #makehomeelectric happen, folks. #weare the 99%. An element of capitalism may be required to free ourselves from it., which could be as simple as the mail.

Generator 12V Battery Inverter 120V AC Outlet
Generator 12V Battery Motor Car

how is home electrical wired? with this : #freedom

This one uses wood

A screw is ancient technology

Burning things is also old technology, though sometimes that can be better current like for power tools, etc. Hm, you'd have to have a heavy duty power inverter.

I don’t want to buy anything ever again.
I don’t want to sell anything ever again. Alternating Current. #lulz #trewth

There may be an element of capitalism required in order to get free from it, for those that are early adopters. That could be as simple as the mail.

A trained cyclist can produce about 400 watts of mechanical power for an hour or more, but adults of good average fitness average between 50 and 150 watts for an hour of vigorous exercise. A healthy well-fed laborer over the course of an 8-hour day can sustain an average output of about 75 watts.


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