People in Houses – New Development Paradigm Freedom and Fast

10 Jul

The map, which is so far my nicest art piece that is very instructional on the new paradigm, can be found in a share link at: . This City depicted could serve hundreds or thousands, and could be in a suburban area, or could not even exist. These are simply the things that you have to have access to – the community center is such a good thing! Free coffee and wireless is a spine of such a community. Amongst also offering a pleasant lifestyle, this community would be hospitable to anyone passing through (though not too much!) and would produce a ton of culture!

freedom map nice final2




We can begin where you are. This being a facebook page currently, and looking for a new social network, linked here and on other pages I and others have made.


In larger scales, a cooperative development paradigm can build large projects. More folks doing this where they are will convince political leaders to adapt the human race to change. If not for freedom in their language and rhetoric, then it’s just more politicians who are going to fight about the same things.


The rocket science of sustainability:


Free radio – join us tune in with different channels and a cool place to hang out! Also check out the station at


Untitled 9


Hope you enjoyed the pictures so far! Ultimately, it’s in the mind a switch like, if capitalism wasn’t intuitive, then what would be? Also, if in the past people divided everything up like numbers, then it’s simply live life analog. 🙂 Enjoy the revolution, right for a lot of people!

Ed Che – Discovered How to Live Free on Youtube:

Sincerely, Ed Che
oChe Southern California


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