Presenting, for the Everything will be free Alternative Supply and Demand

25 Aug

Hi folks – so these are some drawings from the notebook that I think will clear things up. There are actually a lot of alternative ways of doing things, it seems, an interface that really has to become more comfortable, and still some/many answers to figure out. All the animals have a different way of doing things that seems to work out. If we collectively manifest, then there will just be enough of everything. No need for money involved. So, these are some of the starts. Love, Ed Che.

Alt aggregate supply

Alt demand - micro eg household
alt demand – micro

Alt aggregate demand, macro :)

Things are clearing up out here! I hope that these movements start growing wherever you are. As Cindy Kay says, we are now gaining a critical mass!

As for me, it’s back to building the alt greenhouse. Enjoy and please feel free to spice up the model as it gets used, as permitted under the NC BY SA creative commons license: here. ~ ~ EC


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