Free Future, With the Comforts ~ Blog Post.

14 Oct

A free future needn’t be one of hardships, or of lower quality. Interface matching people up for things happens at (0,0) supply and demand, and so we basically expect that. A gift community store tries to stock well all products of all varieties, with most stuff made free and custom to order, as well. Craft is put into these objects, as they will be used for a long time. “Things” that currently exist are cycled into the free machine, and each of these artisan producers or factories is gifted with the tools/things to succeed at what they choose to do.

Take initiative! If pile of sticks has to be moved from A to B and someone leaves it at “not yet there,”& you’re walking don’t leave it for someone else to do! Begin by wiping your own behind, but thereafter society/community will offer you opportunities in a way never before experienced.

Freedom becomes us. It’s porch time with the family, friends, hike in the woods smoking whatever, just as much as it’s fast cars run on electricity to find your niche or scratch your itch at the time. Let’s take some time, America, to get adjusted. There is no money necessary in this society.

To get food where it should be, there are like a thousand means. Pantry/USDA system is great, so is the mobile refrigerated trucks. Perhaps former Cargill/DuPont and the others would move the hemp for free. Goods grown frequently enough an interval and, anyone would (you) just have to grow them.

With robots on the mining and production 😉

A few pointers: first on constructing metro downtown interfaces. To have free food is a motivator for. There can be meals, pantries, and other things to go by which attract people to where they need to be, and incentivize, if they are trying to support a family still.

To metro utility companies – your services are appreciated. Any current monies should reduce that maintenence cost of running it, and innovate that way to get free. A special truck, etc, or tool is appreciated by a phone call.

Finally, farmers wanted. What do you like so much that you want to make sure everyone has it? It’s so lovely and such a different construction, that I would absolutely love to live on a farm like this. If you need anything else, just call. Food’s available.. restaurants and other things, too.

What’s to do? Lots of things! Join by interface: in volunteer at a place if you want to.
Take up the setup of systems which are self reliant, for another.
Take up urban farming – this will seriously teach you more than almost anything else.
Live free and advocate for it! If you’re “in,” then politicians eventually don’t stand a chance. Let’s evolve the human race!



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