Revolution: Siding With #BlackLivesMatter and Other Justice Cases to Know About

10 Dec

Revolution building. Streets, urban areas.

I too am upset that the country can not serve justice in this country by the system, those being SERVED time, like Local Detroit Advocate Rev. Pinkney, under-represented and of the people

On March 5th, 2012, a building was evicted. There were occupiers there. There were also tenants, co-owner JackieJo Lopez, a large anonymous flag, a BIKE Shop and events center, Basement Occupy Oakland bar, and a PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. Oh yeah, really? Their lease was acknowledged after we left. Our fingers are pointed SOLIDLY at the government: police and the City who enabled them to deprive citizens of their occupied property. Our original allegations continue, meanwhile lawyers of the City try to deny the authenticity of our suit, smearing the two plus years of homelessness/streets living, trauma, medical visits, travel, etc?! We spent twenty six thousand “dollars” on a lawyer for a few weeks. Next time, they get paid if they win, idiots. Againstlawyers pastebin: Natural Law America: TIRED OF this nonsense! The reign of terror ends here.

This violation, of constitutional amendment number 14, where it says: “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” leaves them open to a lawsuit under US Code 1983. This is what we were told to do. It was the right thing at the time. Our cause is WELL outlined at Our pain is our own and shared in solidarity by our Bay Area occupiers. Upon returning home, we ended up spending $26,000 for a few weeks of lawyers, some loser firm in San Francisco which didn’t even do well enough at their task to avoid future sanctions.

Now, if confronted by a police officer in that City, I will spit in his face. I no longer care for such a system that does nothing for the normal people. Another way is possible. I Hope that a riot of solidarity would stand with me if that is what we have to do. Bring it on.

I don’t deserve death for this. Not how well it’s done.

I will be there, if that is the calling. You know right now the revolution there is sending this email on in every way they can to message, revolution in a whisper.

Rather than that, I would build a free City. Upon the drive of the conversion of the United States to a free moneyless system, there will have to be a few examples of the working concept. Unfortunately, while our strive is to be free, in order to start these efforts or projects to reality will be a few examples all over the country. A people liberated, it Would be nice not to have to deal with money any more. This may include mainstream society. We are already ahead: an unprecedented social media movement and evolution in parallel to the #ferguson, #ericholden, and #blacklivesmatter running riot, various occupations, exposing the system: a rebellion against how we are supposed to see our lives, each other, and our work. Defeating capitalism is just a start; our nation acknowledges things like the matriarchy, the environment, freedom from control, and a lot of other things that are old hurts. It’s what’s going to make America the best nation on earth again: everything will be free.

As JackieJo recently messaged me in a surveilled phone about the Federal government, This is an open letter to Barack Obama, defendants, or influencers. We need a back phone call that grants us our farm or free apartments, or else we have to make our own demonstration and presence be known. #Knowaboutit, cha. It was us that got us here. Remember that, Oakland. There’s a changing of priorities that has to happen in this country, which is what to me Occupy is really about.. that is, the reconfigure.

Retweet, email, bash something: the matrix of our entrapment is socio-economic.

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