1 Mar

Hemp 2017 In The Free

Greetings, nation of my peers and graduates,

Final analysis:
1. destructive
2. illegal
3. expensive.

No from Detroit, we are not doing this here.

It is a miracle that farmers grow enough food for America, not
making this
domestic chaos (instead of domestic tranquility)

Recommend to leaders to start a marijuana
The thing of notice is that state leaders are ready and Willing to endorse on marijuana, medical marijuana.

That is what Boomers were thinking about right, health and healing? a flower and an herb, by old-time smokers

Finally, that is, a plant that is enough for most of them to grow.and nothing, growlights.

Girls more than willing to! marijuana

Anyone with the skill to join in two projects, HHO and growlights as placement is welcome to or not. HHO links to a car project. Significant that I get a lot of talking like this this way, and no one really is in mainstream press or media. The intentional going around it is significant, and appreciated, everybody, unsure about it well, four months and Hollywood hook challenge: $400,000 to do the free in houses. Coming up next is the political hook, setup, escapade, after some recent time in Colorado. Help make this a success, with my 4-month challenge for 1000 homes. If it was intense, it is to line up what we are going to do. Light up.

All I get, a thank you from the radio. Let’s hook up the musicians and make this awesome. Ed “Che” Miller.


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