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My (intellectual) baggage was stolen!

23 Feb

I’ve been robbed, and I feel great.

The thieves took off with my bag when I had my back turned: I returned from the ticket counter to find my heart-felt green bag gone without a trace. I looked for a while that it may turn up again, but no luck. With it goes a mini laptop, 4 moleskine notebooks and datebook, a few packs of cards… etc. While nothing was too valuable, it means all of my record of being here has vanished without a trace. (And my glasses, which I do kinda need..)

After the tragedy though, I am left with an interesting sentiment. In the hazards of trying to understand everything I can here, I had gotten caught in my little books. They were a great reference for anything I needed, but now I am without the intellectual restraint- free. The eagle soars again, this time with a new worldview and only his wits to survive.

I challenge you to go for one day without one thing you take for granted. A blackberry, watch or car keys, even a ring. What’s left of the world is indeed refreshing and new again.
Look for more to come soon.
-Eddie Miller
Costa Rica


The journey continues…

24 Jan

Starting in a few days, I will be leaving from here.

Going to a land untouched by the perils of hectic inner turmoil. From the land of privilege to the land of not enough but somehow, amazingly, contentedness. What could be a better way to spend this year? One’s life? Than to know that you are well on the path to work that will be a large part of the world. This semester puts me on par to become a master, entrepreneur, and farmer. Maybe I’ll arrive back and have funding money waiting for me. Maybe another calmer and happier year at BU before leaving. Grad school; or just assemble a team and go:: just following a path at this point, and not looking back. No matter what happens, I’m already well endowed with the resources for success.

I will be gone in total for 8 months– from February 2nd to August 31st– in Costa Rica, Central America and traveling the Andes mountains. My main method of transportation will be the motorcycle, and my main communications the internet. This is the combination of school program and farm internship through which I hope to find myself. Look for my return, I want to experience all your stories.

If you want to contact me, you can email at ::

I will also check facebook and this blog regularly, so a comment would really be a great help for me.
Thank you for your support that makes this possible. As I embark this week, you’ll be on my mind.

-Eddie Miller
Boston University

Family, Community

24 Dec

A successful follow-through to the school year. Class high final grade in Development Econ, pretty sure I aced the Environmental Econ final, and Sustainable development finished nicely. Funnily, my Spanish literature class remains the only outlier, gave me a C+. Psh, I kinda cared… 3.5 not bad. Thanks to everyone that made it possible.

On the Oberlin front, trying to incite a riot with home friends. This mainly involves late night food runs, dance parties, and ultimate frisbee in the rain. Oberlin makes one appreciate the advantages of a small-town community, with local shops and local people. It’s exactly the feeling that’s missing from Boston University, where we subsist on large networks of acquaintances. It’s not without drawbacks, but I think that community is really worth working and fighting for. Our lives are a collective.

I’ll be returning to Boston to finish up some things Friday 12/26 and 27th, let me know if you are still around and are interested in a holiday meet-up. Mara and I will probably be hanging out with a car.

On the virtual front, my World of Warcraft character is so bomb. It will be a good distraction while prepping for Costa Rica (now on a 7-month planned trip February-August! More about this later).