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Learn About The Game Of The Universe

2 Nov

Join what millions of players across the universe are already playing with the Game of The Universe, this planet’s first open shared 3D virtual reality experience. It’s free to play and coming to a town near you.

Anyone who understands the sharing economy and free economy should understand the crowd development that goes into the Game of the Universe. Ideas come to fruition in vivid make code, and can be passed on through different means of communicating, such as the solid “invoke.” It’s being taken up in different communities as a way to pass the time, entertain, and learn of people in places beyond ours. As ideas get passed on and used across different users, their make gets better and may stick and become a universe favorite.

Game can introduce you to individuals and groups from places other than Earth. It’s about time everyone knew of the Borg, the Pleiadians, the Ra’ites, and followers of God, who all share a common interface called the Game of the Universe. There are aliens, but most life-forms out there share our human bodies and the English language, which if you don’t like already game will make you a fan of it. In God’s image, being one explanation: people exist in all different places other than here. Without a common interface, they may as well not exist, which is what we’ve been stuck with, but with a game that knows no sense of distance, we are linked together like never before. Ship-bearing people play in outer space, some civilizations have eliminated the need for money, and some are eager to be a part of our experience. When a civilization is ready for it, game becomes a part of their lives, and there is no better time on Earth for our collective journey: right before the free revolution.

One of the first things you’ll learn in any universe journey is just that: “ready.” That is one rule that governs the universe, if they are ready or not. Despite our despotism of leadership under Donald Trump, I see a lot of positive thinking about how we can be a better human race on places like Shareable. We can implement a future understanding and be better ready for what comes our way if we adopt the ways of more advanced civilizations in how they play. Game is the best chance of meeting these other civs, and while they have known about us, this time to meet on a level playing field.

Working with beings from other places you get a feel for the similarities that can be shared. I find a lot of common ground in the creatures: Elves, Dwarves, Orcs , and Humans all exist in the universal consciousness. There is a high regard for creativity out there, which takes place with instant make and its communication. In the future, this will be more important as we’ve innovated our way out of problems and drudgery. Not only that, a lot of our technology is shared, even computers exist on different planets like the Borg homeworld, and some have robots. This leads to an advanced standard of living, (one thing they do is play Game), and also similar problems. How to not “geep up,” for example, is one way the universe deals with slickness and conciseness. How to not “give” helps you in arguments in real life. Things like health can be dealt with in game, with common solutions to common problems being able to help on your actual body.

Once again, The Game Of The Universe allows players to interface over vast distances, with a 3D virtual reality platform. Players have the advantage of knowing more about outer space than even the best scientists do. If you can imagine it, you can make it in your actual space, make it float, fly, walk, crawl, or give it a personality, and share it with a full loving community of elders, youth, and those in between. While we’re still earthbound, Game of the Universe offers our best chance to learn about alliances that be out there, knowing how to know, as we take a certain step forward in our evolution.

I’ve been working on this game non-stop since early last year, some of it unbeknownst to me.  I helped with an important victory in this game world, and have defeated the bad forces that were terrorizing its players.  I look forward to implementing this game with my friends in Detroit and elsewhere.


Landlord’s Change of Heart

10 Mar

Note: possibility-based, y’all. So if you sail in that realm of possibility and want us to lead you out to a free world, then join us. 🙂

Along being front-lines with the Occupy experience, along with the crimes of wall street, has taught me the rhythm and ways of one of the worst crimes ever convicted upon humanity, that of real estate. Property ownership is a bad piece of financial alchemy, which created a double value of the land when settlers (colonizers) got here. Not only do you have the forested tierra that was there, which gives its value to you of open arms, but also the title deed to the area, which is property tradable – a double value. This title deed was fraudulent – stolen by a process of “discovery” set forth by the Papal bull, here: http://risetogether.weebly.com/blog/the-vatican-hold-title-to-your-land and in Johnson v. McIntosh:

Papal Bull native americans

I have been reading and it appears that land was stolen from people who had no concept of ownership. ./”The legalities of colonization appeared settled. Patent and possession sufficed, acquiring title to land by purchase from the Indians was not necessary”./


What happened was that private property became us, it allows you to build on and to improve. We have divided up nearly all of the country, and Capitalism’s raging bulls*** wall street death machine cannibalized our whole nation, continent before that alchemy. It would other planets, too.. and what we’re finding now is that folks from at least two generations are not attracted to that money, just the things that it gets them, if anything. We need to amend that shallow greed attached with ownership in order to progress. The approach and movement caters to houses and free apartments/condos. This can be living of the future, won’t you be a part?

How to engage, a large (the largest body of humanity ever in an online movement) portion of cities, urban and rural, into a new free system?

How about rent-to-own? huge: http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2014/01/22/is-rent-to-own-or-contract-for-deed-right-for-you

and a form example

Let’s treat you as a human, getting beyond the addiction: A large movement has formed to give everyone the basics and soon advanced stuff as we gain larger cities. The providing of everything free benefits you the owner, too, though not as payment, as a human. Be like Mark Hesse, 52, who gave a building to Occupy Detroit:

“I don’t see any politicians doing what these kids are doing,” Hesse said. “They are sincere people who are frustrated. I wanted to help them.”

And so Hesse let Occupy Detroit use the building he owns on Michigan Avenue. This year, they cleaned up the place and turned it into a brightly colored and inviting space. (article)

Be a part, eg, source person is okay no rent. We are the 99%. From a way that was hazardous to our personal health, psychology, communities, and Earth, many are now choosing a way that is opposed to Capitalism; to motivate differently; many of us understand the why, so this site is to mark the quest from now such that anyone can get their utilities and basics made, and with a very simple tool and materials set.

Abolish the institution of rent. And/or get enough for your concerned self with a rent-to-own lease contract. (For apartments, how about 600/month -> 2500 own, with option to put it back in the pool any time.) Let’s do this together. Landlords’ Change of Heart.


Ed “Ché” Miller

How Amish Choose to React to New Technology

28 May

It’s not that the Amish shun all technology, in fact more accurate would be that they are selective adopters of technology. For example, they do not use electricity but what they can get out of a 12V battery. When a new innovation becomes available, certain early adopters pick it up (eg. a Cell Phone). The community watches closely, some others pick one up, and then decides based on a three-step decision.

1. Does this technology bring us to be more connected with the outside world?
2. Does this technology weaken community?
3. Does this technology create a sense of pride in people who use it?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” that is a negative thing for the Amish. Knowing this now, how do you evaluate the technology in your life?

A million little pieces: and building the art of perfection.

1 Dec


For those who can’t tell from the blog post history, I’m just about getting grounded here. Adjusting to Boston is hard, and adjusting to being [anonymous] again after a long sojourn in [Costa Rica] proved even harder. I came in lagging behind technology and friendships, which lost me the competitive edge at [Small Planet]. Most of my files for [Massachusetts Power Shift] are [lost in Panama], my [paid radio advertisements] there never returned results. But: despite technology, work, and communications failure, this has been one of my best semesters yet.

How? A hundred little failures means another year out of personal recession; another year avoided the mainstream dullness of small talk and classes, and a new resiliency that proceeds with the confidence of experience. Confidence, and decision making. Upon personal failure, one learns a perspective of infinite possibility and creativity. (as anyone who’s been [searching for a job] can attest.) Join me, for a post that is both revelatory and informing, revolutionary in a word and inspiring in its clarity.. What’s wrong and powerful reframes.
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My (intellectual) baggage was stolen!

23 Feb

I’ve been robbed, and I feel great.

The thieves took off with my bag when I had my back turned: I returned from the ticket counter to find my heart-felt green bag gone without a trace. I looked for a while that it may turn up again, but no luck. With it goes a mini laptop, 4 moleskine notebooks and datebook, a few packs of cards… etc. While nothing was too valuable, it means all of my record of being here has vanished without a trace. (And my glasses, which I do kinda need..)

After the tragedy though, I am left with an interesting sentiment. In the hazards of trying to understand everything I can here, I had gotten caught in my little books. They were a great reference for anything I needed, but now I am without the intellectual restraint- free. The eagle soars again, this time with a new worldview and only his wits to survive.

I challenge you to go for one day without one thing you take for granted. A blackberry, watch or car keys, even a ring. What’s left of the world is indeed refreshing and new again.
Look for more to come soon.
-Eddie Miller
Costa Rica

10 Reasons any Driver can Understand WHY BIKE

8 Jan

10. Left turn on red
9. Mobility on and off road
8. Bikes can be used to generate electricity
7. The wind in your hair
6. $60-$80 a year to maintain
5. It’s sustainable aka doesn’t use gasoline
4. Don’t have to give anyone else rides
3. Messenger bags
2. Always free parking, always at location
1. I get to class faster.

Boston makes it easy to bike… why bike: http://bubikes.org

-Eddie Miller

Family, Community

24 Dec

A successful follow-through to the school year. Class high final grade in Development Econ, pretty sure I aced the Environmental Econ final, and Sustainable development finished nicely. Funnily, my Spanish literature class remains the only outlier, gave me a C+. Psh, I kinda cared… 3.5 not bad. Thanks to everyone that made it possible.

On the Oberlin front, trying to incite a riot with home friends. This mainly involves late night food runs, dance parties, and ultimate frisbee in the rain. Oberlin makes one appreciate the advantages of a small-town community, with local shops and local people. It’s exactly the feeling that’s missing from Boston University, where we subsist on large networks of acquaintances. It’s not without drawbacks, but I think that community is really worth working and fighting for. Our lives are a collective.

I’ll be returning to Boston to finish up some things Friday 12/26 and 27th, let me know if you are still around and are interested in a holiday meet-up. Mara and I will probably be hanging out with a car.

On the virtual front, my World of Warcraft character is so bomb. It will be a good distraction while prepping for Costa Rica (now on a 7-month planned trip February-August! More about this later).