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It’s time to build a new system

6 Jan

At this time, it’s time to leverage a more loving humanity and really start bending and subverting rules to do things for the other people. This means a more loving humanity in which money is not a factor.

You may have heard by now about “the inventions,” as I’m designing them in real time in Chicago. Chicago is providing me with a bit more capacity to finish the parts together that will apply for a lot of houses. We are on the verge of inventing free heat, electricity, wifi, and distribution systems for a new way to run cities off of. This will ideally give a way to live a lifestyle which is not scarcity or different much from what you know.

The institutes supply the storefronts. If it’s something that is important to folks in the area, it will be staffed and made and done for the others. If it’s over-developed, not important stuff, then it will fall out and the space can be used for recreation. There will be some things to get used to, like, having a lot more free time. Many things do not require work, and institutes offer an intriguing and loving way to re-design custom things for other people.

The only control that exists, in this free system, and transition system also realistically- remember that-, is, “don’t aggro the admin.” <3. There may be that admin there for logistic reasons, or few employees that are also voluntary, and don't fight them… just don't clash. If ya got power, then that's great. We can be hard, just because we cannot deal with flakes at a time when our success is necessary.

As we go forward, we will have to find more loving and voluntary ways to do things for each other. Many of these sites already exist. Try trashnothing.com, freecycle.org which has local groups all over the country, craigslist free, or another site is moneylesssociety.com, which offers a classifieds page for both real and imaginary volunteer job postings, visioning, ideas, and other things. My favorite social network so far that is all free movement is http://freeworlder.org/, which brings together a group of folks from all over the world.

Games? yes. Music? will happen in mass. Collaborative development off the side of that moneyless society page, happens. Linux works and is a good model; wikipedia also probably one of the most successful so far. We can collectively manifest a space ship if we get to a point where we aren't thinking about money.

I hope that the whole world can go to this. How large is our movement? This and the other posts deserve many more hits and I know it makes the impact, it will get there.

Institutes model is good. Check out more on an upcoming post.


For next week: sustainability series!

19 Mar

I’ve just finished preparing a new blog series on sustainability based on papers from my environmental policy class:
It’s called “A Systems Perspective,” coming out next week.

The posts will focus on the environmental implications of America today. Since we did not pass a comprehensive climate deal, there is a sense of inevitability behind some of the oil topics but also good chances to reform policy. In order to encourage traffic, I’m going to be releasing them at a fixed rate Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4pm.

Hope you’ll continue to visit / comment at https://eddiemill.wordpress.com/

My works on the Economy and Environment:
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