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Yes we CAN! Summer Intern Thoughts

7 Aug

Eddie is so happy to be back within internet range (*internet grasp?) to be able to share about wonderful experiences and thoughts. In particular, it was 2.5 months in CoopaBuena, Costa Rica, which lies about 30 kilometers from Panama on the South side. See background post: /~/a-different-perspective-participatory-action-research/. After the fact, I’ve not only grown in a lot of personal ways (next post, a good dual purpose of this blog) but have some sound advice for organizations, researchers, and extension agents who are looking to expand to this area.
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A Different Perspective: Participatory Action Research

7 Jun

Coffee Action! research…

This is the introductory post to my new place for the Summer. I am now in Coopabuena, Costa Rica… about 30 miles from the Costa Rica-Panama border. One thing I am trying to do recently is keep my writing as grounded as possible. It’s too easy to use dogmatisms and concepts and miss real life in writing. See if you notice in this history/diretions post.

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