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The community reality

11 Jun

It is a great time to be alive and thinking about things (observing changes). Now is really a tipping point for technology, community-led social change, and world progress in an economic sense. In this post I explain some of the projects I have found myself in here, and how they fit into a bigger picture. You know Agua Buena from my last post and [this link], now here is the present situation.

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Summer plans May 6-8: Tortuga Island, …

3 May

I’m finishing up the semester now at the School for Field Studies, Costa Rica, and looking ahead at a great summer.
See my final paper for the course, here: https://eddiemill.files.wordpress.com/dr-paper-1.doc

Summer plans
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Echoing Green and Social Entrepreneurship

23 Feb

Echoing Green is a social funding fellowship competition, that gives grand prize winners a chance to make their business a reality. See the website, and info at: http://www.echoinggreen.org/.

I just turned in the second phase of this application, competing with over 300 second round entrepreneurs to reach the final phase. If selected, I would be eligible for $90,000 over two years starting this September. This comes with business consulting and a life work. For me, this would mean the farm starts while I finish college.

*a big* update that makes this possible: just met with a partner, 10 years experience establishing and maintaining an organic farm. With a mind for the possible it’s…
Julio Valverdez: <mailto=”pezotevalverde@hotmail.com”
*he has single-handedly created the ANDAR farm, the most beautiful human ecosystem and preservation center I have ever seen.
*over the past years, he has been researching and designing a finca modela integral, which will be the start for an advising and model business.

This agency for organic farming can be a model. A connection and lifeline to preserve the small farmer way of life and earn a premium with global community and good will. The location, the grant, and the manager just moved into place. Echoing green would mean that we can start construction of a dream this fall.