Ed Che: Where You Are Let’s do this

6 Nov

Unity Proposal:
Teams to begin RBE retrofitting in Cities.

Ed Che’s Unity Proposal:
The time has come, America, when our own so cleverly designed system has become a monstrosity more than many can bear. We have seen the errors of the past ways, and will not continue a blind and wreckless assault against mother Earth and everything that is good. We will not inherit an Earth of vampires and a cancerous growth-based mechanism to monoculture and profit. Together we have seen and experienced this, seen and experienced the effects of wrong incentives in human beings. In fact, we are already in debt and if we do not do something about the money system now, many of my generation and the generation above it that got screwed will be in a slavery to a money system we don’t even like. (See, “The Truth About the Illuminati,” post). Capitalism has lead to a distribution where less than 5% of the world’s population has more than 80% the world’s resources, and that is, well, the outcome of the capitalism experiment. Together we can transition the system, in a way that is good enough, and here’s how:

There is a set of inventions, that is a proprietary and fascinating “Base Institute Inventions” at my building that I have been working on. Together, these inventions provide anyone or place with water, electric, heat, and wireless internet, eliminating the need for these monthly bills (the ones everyone usually pays). For a long time I have been wondering about how to best implement these technologies towards a transition to our highest potential, which is a moneyless and abundant society and situation. Suffice it to say that this is the best that anyone could have done, and so we present:

– Decentralization of the Base Institute, whose purpose is to provide the inventions, so that any group in different communities around the country can start the retrofitting of their community. There is thus a call to the lower-middle class majority to support these, saving them that monthly expenses, as well as the wealthier minority of the population. We will not deal with landlords unless they agree to go to rent-to-own. Some minimal assembly required and can be run out of one room-sized area.

– For every three-four houses sold, a free unit is made: this can be used as the group chooses, to gift someone in OR, to gift a business in. This leads to….

– Businesses are encouraged to support these youth who have got these pieces together to retrofit them: not only is it better for climate change using the free inventions, you will have them installed by a new group of positive energy youth who get very good at it, and realize that savings. You are then asked to take an average of the utility bills you no longer have, and give that in store credit to the folks who have these new cards….

– Cards are given to those who are contributing to hustle the base inventions and expanding the network. With this comes decision making ability on the free units. Having a card gets you access to any of the free entitlements the group has earned: walk into the sto and get free stuff! Anything can be free’d! It’s up to the group which places to go to in this way with the free units (even current members), and how to distribute: if some small town somewhere has a burger king that’s central to where they hang at, for example, and it comes in the form of number used/denominator each month, week or whatever. I expect here they would do liquor stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and even a bar. For example, at the beginning of the week records would say 0/$45. If one person came in, they get some bleach, then the next person would see $4/45. For reference, the average home electric customer here pays 100 dollars a month. A business would realize more in savings. Furthermore, if the denominator is required to be increased, a unit can be gifted to a someone higher in their supply chain, their supplier’s employes, the farmer, or open-minded enlightened employee themselves.

– Anything can be free’d! And these are encouraged to support you (si’ C): it makes no difference to them (they would be paying bills anyways, so profit is the same), and they should be happy to support you especially if recieved the technology for free themselves. Also, I seen a store here (in Detroit) that has like 4 people checking out at one time and all these tens and twenties just stacking up on the counter he doesn’t even have time to put them in the register. That’s not right that someone should be sitting on that and Not do something like this. You talk about them and say that the general store downtown refused you? Well people will go to Wal-mart then, (or whatever, or even vice versa!).

– With enough businesses doing it, we started a revolution. A Resource Based Economy would be # units/total available per year divided by the period. Get it? If nearing the limit, an individual is encouraged to be courteous and leave for the next person.

Advantages of this over any other way, shows that we are working together in an unprecedented unity. It engages the 18-35+ year old bracket in something that they can do. For those who are homeowners of the lower-middle class, you’re not only saving all your monthly utilities with no commitment, you are also getting transition-ready: the group might come to them and ask to vote for them at an #NLRBE Transition mayor, for example, or volunteering (which they are more apt to do now too), and even quit their job. As what starts as perhaps one store and a few houses grows in that locality, the $10/week or whatever will not seem so scarce and if someone doesn’t go to a particular store, that surplus is available. By the time everyone gets done paying back the illuminati, we can have every business in Detroit retrofitted, and that’s a fact.:

Proposal compared to Existing

Proposal compared to Existing

Proposal compared to Existing

What we are doing here is, unlike any other thinker out there, not making the everything ourselves. By moving forward in unity, we can utilize the distribution networks that are already there: it’s inspiring to see Pepsi pulling out of Detroit at 7:00, and so nice to be knowing that that might be going to someone free. With the amount of believers we have to care for, we cannot do that, even if we could make the soda ourselves, and what each New Yorker gets to eat their allotment of Soy? This is a style that I was actually thinking of starting in NY, with the card as shown:

opt out card

opt out card

if you think about it, this works well in every way: including starting groups of present-day anti-capitalists in many different places. We are so legion you wouldn’t believe it, Thousands of Zeitgeist Movement supporters Thousands of Venus Project supporters Thousands of Occupy advocates… Thousands of Anarchists Thousands of Anons Thousands of Soveriegns Millions of Unemployed Thousand of moneyless society advocates Thousands of people in the hood looking for social change Thousands of people on Indian Reservations looking for social change Thousands of homeless and hungry looking for social change Thousands of people supporting the sustainability of our planet Thousands of people supporting environmental issues Thousands of people supporting animal rights issues Thousands of people supporting human rights issues

So many present-day workers are also dissatisfied with their condition. To this I say that you should be honored to be chosen as a small business meaning enough to the community that a group of these youth would come to you. With the mechanism as shown in the “Proposal versus existing,” one big advantage is that there is no problem represented by using robots: if your job gets mechanized eventually, that means you don’t have to do it anymore and are free to enjoy the rest of your life. You could then join a new democratic-in-every-way group depending on which in the City style and access you most preferred or is most nearby you which is spreading out, to your friends and neighbors. For the first time in history, yes, we are organizing as a collective that increases the survival of all members involved, and responsibly. The existing knowledge and workers is passed on via what I call these holy schools, about how we do. In addition, your punishment for thinking the wrong way is that you have to pay back the illuminati errors, which is also on this blog, and may do so in whichever way you want.

So again, a group could choose whichever businesses they wanted so long as they agreed on it, houses will be retrofitted to get ready for the change or have its members join the movement, and free access given to its members. Everyone is encouraged to participate: besides businesses, it puts you on the Map! And being an early adopter is very potentially a local news article.

In terms of super-scaling this proposal, it would be to the Resource Based Economy folks to figure out the accurate record-keeping of how a card would record off the total, and to follow up on repeated suspicious abuse of records for a reason. We will be using a list that the store owner records someone’s name and subtracts theirs from the other.

So this is my unity proposal, I hope you all like it. It has not been an easy task, nor one based on my ego: each page of my latest notebook is filled with some of the most powerful thinkers in my field. As such I can assure you that no one is yet proposed such, and from walking around that this is a good enough idea for your area (and a good idea for this city here of Detroit.)

Find a local anti-capitalist meetup group near you; reconnect with your friends and team:



Facebook search, occupy or anonymous group

Meaning that, we could do, this: http://directory.occupy.net/search?search=

Finally, this is a unity proposal, there is no way to vote on it. I must take the opportunity now when presented it by my country and fellow citizens. Printing some out now to show to folks here locally. My bottleneck is in webhits, so you must direct people to this page by sharing it to those you know. This message is simultaneously going out to all the related groups I know and each media contact you are chosen specially. It spreads by word of mouth and forms just like Occupy
did. In unity and a peaceful transition/revolution, thanks. Ed Che.


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