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Wrote a Post at Moneyless Society:

24 Sep

I guest-submitted this article. Now you know where to reference if someone pulls a communism or socialism on you! Love, Ed Che.



The negative connotations of “occupation”?

29 Mar

Occupy Wall Street came out about two and a half years ago, and took the country by storm. Me, too as I got accidentally involved with it. How many now are mostly interested in the Occupy politics of what’s going on? It’s, the truth and,… With more actions slated to be coming up, I just wanted to write this post from a native perspective to remember the social justice aspects of, why this land is here and what it means to, #allofus.

The Earth has, really, been abused. The uncomfortable truth for some is that there’s a history of, rape of resources and rights. What more, if hundreds of thousands of mindless consumer-capitalists don’t stop the wal-mart binge of cheap consumer products, it puts future generations at risk via credit collapse, environmental depletion, trash, stupid cheap oil, and capitalist mind-fuck. It’s not a matter of mass-producing ¨green”-marketed products, rather the dollars which lead to greed and a less than friendly way to live. We as a human race have, occupied this planet in a way that is, not consensual.

Liberation means not only freedom in money sense, freedom from being poor for example, but in social relations too. If more people are able to leave their jobs either to start living in communities or in houses, we are talking about having hang-out time like long before; “porch time,” like is appreciated by the Costa Ricans. We are talking about cultures of respect and caring for one another. I look forward to this day of liberation, and while it is a big change, it is not far away. Happens quickly in fact. America cannot continue to be a bad influence for the rest of the world, what will be a big enough force to set things to?

One aspect that I don’t talk about much on social media networks but I feel is relevant to bring up on this blog is, government. In this case, the US government is (was) elected a change regime. Hope and change were good slogans back in 2008, but maybe they mean something, too. Why is Obama giving 60% of the intelligence budget to private surveillance companies? These are the ones that would take over if given the chance, forming para-military type institution to repress the people and they don’t give a FUCK about you. Would you rather a government that either a) listens to your requests, perhaps locally at a city hall, or b) doesn’t do anything, just doesn’t get in the way? One thing for sure here is, I am pretty tired of a government that just says what you cannot do, we could seriously enter such a period of liberation and even emancipation from the overbuilt institutions of the past if weed was legalized to grow. In a long period of advocacy for farming, that is what people want to grow. Since the people don’t ALWAYS know what’s best for them, add hemp in an Executive order too and make it happen. The US is the best hackers in the world, we’ll figure out how to live. Occupyrope, occupycanvas. 🙂

It’s better without money. We can get over a lot of the, resource exploitation of the earth who no one owns and was of the indigenous people without the incentive to over-produce stuff. If you, turned off people’s utilities for a day then they would understand exactly what they have to do to survive. The freedom tools are out there, including easy well digging (youtube dawmlw) and a gaviotas sleeve pump, everyone makes their own free electricity device, or buy the setup if you prefer, and we have free culture over the internet- thanks to free server space, soon. Somehow, resources will be better allocated for Space, and the internet will make all the rest of the tools happen. Just requires a lot of free-money hackers on my operation, if you follow and share this link, please! opalt call to action: http://pastebin.com/GYhrbdpr

“Would there still be X,” where X is some thing you think you need is the question and, of course there is/will be. So material survival was before we were here, the people figured out a way and, today they aren’t going to die…

Yes, that is just a solve for freedom from money and capitalism. Feel free to comment and/or share this blog’s url if you will thanks! Time to get the seeds and really, microcultures and mushroom cultures that grow fast and quickly enough for the setup. More information coming soon on my Twitter and social media profiles.

Good synchronicity to see well action coming from Spain.

8 May

Remember, May 1 is the general strike, and 15M is the world revolution day.
F Yeah F Yeah. Today’s project against the capitalism? Thanks to being online at a people’s spot. Real historic, what is going on now, as well as the gathering of individuals into strong unions. 2, 4, or a group can really come together and bring the energy that can change the world and; cosmic universe.

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