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Local in Boston III: Whole Foods?

2 Feb

I am going to go ahead and say that I am in support of the Whole Foods model, but I don’t shop there. (It’s like Cap-and-trade..) The key reason is this: the agriculture they support there is sustainable, and the demand they capture is mainstream. Thank you, Whole Foods, for supplying fresh and sustainable produce to Boston and the surrounding areas. I just wish I could afford it..

more: Whole Foods!
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Local in Boston, Part 2

25 Jan

Each week, I like to visit and write about one local group in Boston. It’s part company profile, part a tribute to great food everywhere. Check in each week for a new destination in the local food movement!

Also, be sure to visit my pages for more updates on different projects. (top bar). If you want to be featured or work together, email eddiemill@gmail.com.

This week: Local in Boston, Part 2: City Feed and Supply! Specialty Grocery Store and Cafe in Jamaica Plains.
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Local in Boston, Part 1

15 Jan

Need fresh produce around Boston? It’s not only healthier to eat closer to the food chain, it’s also more sustainable and personally rewarding. Treat yourself, because this is about to be good:

I just got back from a unique and one-of-a-kind alternative wholesale grocery store. Russo and Sons, located in Watertown, is a generations-old farm market turned unique distribution for retailers and consumers.

It has a unique feel from the start with the larger shipping bays. I count six cargo bays, packed with trucks owned by Russo (12′) and one or two that are contracted out to a larger service. Pallets of produce from local farms and, yes, I spotted a Dole case, are unloaded here to the side of the building, which has the basic wrapping and processing needed. Three of the docks are occupied by rental freezer storage units, which extend the size and storage capacity of the main area.

Russo and Sons
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Back in Boston

8 Sep

..And loving it.

I´m trying to get accustomed to a new environment after a summer on a motorcycle travelling through Latin America.



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