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Economic Recessions

22 Dec

Economic Recessions Post 12/22/09
With the failure of Copenhagen (my MAPSBLOG post), it’s time to start thinking about serious depression, causes and strategies for when it gets worse. Click on, if you want. This may be my last post of this certain style as I’m considering changing the blog to be more real-time deadline appropriate. Hopefully a well-researched and justified account of the times we are living in as Americans right now, click:
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Enough of what’s wrong.

19 Nov

We all know the problems. The only way out now is to implement constructive solutions. That’s why today I’m making the pledge to only write positive on this blog: that’s right you will not find complaints, issues, or negativity here.

I hope that my ideas and experiences can be a light for those who haven’t awakened to the power of thought yet, and be utilized as you see fit. As always, if something makes you think be sure to leave a comment. Disputes are welcome (ex: the world really is a sad place) same format or facebook.

-Eddie Miller