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350 for the Economy

21 Nov

Hello folks, so here’s how we need to tell politicians, businesspeople, and the American public about Change.

350 does primarily refer to the environment. It’s what prevents a 2 degree rise and the majority of bad effects worldwide. But what’s more important is that it refers to an inspiration to the economy. Get to 350, for the economy. The struggle is be a productive force, like going to the moon, or development and change. Here’s the breakdown of how jobs work:
Jobs in the clean energy economy were distributed among the following sectors in 2008:
–– Conservation and pollution mitigation: 65.0 percent
–– Environmentally friendly production: 7.0 percent
–– Training and support: 6.8 percent
–– Energy efficiency: 9.5 percent
–– Clean energy: 11.6 percent

Worldwide, it’s largely up to America’s economy to make these things. Most are process innovations and services assistance. But the clean energy sector? Fire up the steel mills, get drafters going to work, and the construction crew of new young people with “only” college degrees. These people are going to require jobs. Hundreds of thousands of them. Enough to Repower America with new work.

View and share a fantastic factsheet from the Energy Hub Project: here (.pdf)
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International assessment on Agriculture Knowledge, Science, Technology and Sustainability

12 Dec

This changes everything.

This April, an independent project involving over 400 full-time researchers and 58 countries published a report. The full scope of the report is enormous, but you can view the summary here:

Some excerpts, which may echo well with what I’ve been saying here. (In fact the same thing that I observed from the farm 3 years ago, and have since dedicated my life to preaching…)
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