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Talking about end-of-life care

28 Nov

There’s a national movement for bloggers to convey the message of just dying to readers. This is a topic that hits home for me as I’ve seen people dying, but is usually something we don’t talk about. Basically, the question I want you to ask is
“What do you want us to say if you can’t speak for yourself and need care?”

This brings up a couple related issues, namely
1. Could a loved one correctly describe now how you’d like to be treated in the case of a terminal illness?
2. Have you written a living will, appointed healthcare power of attorney, or an advanced directive?
3. Do you know about Hospice possibility for chronically dying or elderly care?

I hope this message finds you able to bring it up at night when there’s a moment.

For more information:
Globe article about the movement:
11/26: ‘Talking turkey about death’



12 Nov

I offer you this challenge:
Whenever you can, go into the wild. Commune with nature, whether it is for a few hours, a day, or a week.
Breathe deeply. Listen intently. Let the wildness infuse you. Renew you. Sustain you. Go by yourself.
Take some friends. Share your stories with them around a campfire, under the starry sky. Listen intently
to their stories. Be open. Understanding will come. Strength will grow. Energy will multiply.

Whenever you can, go forth and interact with people. Spread joy. Greet strangers
you pass on the street. Smile often. Listen deeply when people speak. Start random
conversations. Or join ones already in progress. Meet new people. Those people
that you love, tell them. Give praise for a job well done. Thank people for being who
they are. Offer sincere compliments to those people that you have difficulty with.
Help people whenever possible. Be open. Treat people with loving kindness. Love
and joy will grow. Your world will get bigger and yet infinitely more intimate. The
impossible will become possible.

Is this a recipe for balance? No, it is a hint of possibilities.
It is glimpse of something beautiful. It is a piece of the puzzle; it is up to you to
finish putting it together as you see it. I hope this has given you a framework from
which to begin sourcing your flame, your greenfire, and keeping it alive.

SEAC Organizing Guide — Page 98

The full guide: Courtesy of SEAC open distribution